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We have an old, crappy car: a 1997 Mitsubishi Pajero which has seen better days and almost all of those before we bought it. Bits of our car have been falling off for years – the passenger side window is currently held on with tape.

We used to have a relatively nice car, but nine years, seven kids and irregular maintenance has fixed that as nothing short of a bingle with a bus would.

I’ve owned a lot of cars in the past 20 years. Most have been less than civilized. If cars were countries, I’ve owned most of South America (no offence – love what you’ve done with the G-string).

When we first bought our Paj the kids weren’t even allowed to eat in it: that was the ‘shoes off before you jump in’ phase. Now we feel lucky if they remember to remove the scraps when we come home and we are now well and truly approaching dirt in the ‘run it into the ground’ phase.

The reason this is all playing on my mind is today we had a package delivered by the postman which nobody posted.

It seems our mailman noticed the hub-thingame in the middle of one of our tyres was missing. I’ve no idea what the hub-thingame is called because it belongs on a car and therefore I struggle to even feign interest. Actually I couldn’t even tell you which tyre has the hub-thingame missing – just don’t care.

But that is beside the point. How wonderful is our postie! Turns out he had a couple of these hub-thingames sitting around at home, as you do, and decided we needed them more than his shed.

If the garbo has a radiator thingame, we might grab another year out of this rolling heap of scrap metal 🙂

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  • ehh i know that game! our little shit-bomb finally had its last trip last week (passed violently at home) it was sold for scrap, altough we have to wait a few weeks to go anywhere while we save our pennies to afford the lovely mechanic who will quite happily drain our life savings to fix our new to us slightly less shitty shit-bomb im quite excited to not have to literally putt-putt around town for a while. 🙂 thanks for the laughs

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