Say Cheese!

FINALLY!! Tracey and I ducked down to Camera House at Maroochydore to pick up her new lens. At $1700 it wasn’t a cheap purchase, but one which will pay dividends down the track if her plans to start a photography business take off.

Although expensive we still managed a bit of a bargain – retail is $1850 but through an offer of cash and playing off CamerasDirect and Camera House against each other we got $150 off the price. We could have saved a further $15 plus fuel by going through CamerasDirect but Camera House have always given us the most fantastic service and are so open with their advice (no sale necessary) and easy to deal with if there are any problems – they’re worth the little extra. Plus Tracey and I had an evening without kids (thanks Grandma) and enjoyed sushi train followed by a wonderful affogato.

Even if Tracey never charges for a single photo we’re still saving money here. Miss7’s first year out of the womb it cost me around $1000 in Pixi Photos. Now Tracey takes all our shots herself and has a great hobby to boot.


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