Saving Your Bacon


We usually have a kilo of bacon in the freezer, and up to half a kilo of bacon and a couple of dozen eggs in the fridge. They’re just so versatile. And not just for a Sunday traditional bacon & eggs breakfast – there’s bacon & egg lunch and bacon & egg dinner as well. Seriously though, add bacon with some potatoes, onion and cream and you have potato bake: add a few slices to spag bog to vary the flavour: crisp some up for tossing in a Caesar Salad.

If you catch the deli when they’re having a decent special on bacon you can stock up. We usually ask for the staff to wrap the bacon into a few half kilo lots. They don’t mind and it saves you a bit of trouble when you get home because you can slip them straight into the freezer.

Another great reason to have a second, dedicated freezer.

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