Here Be Dragons


“Dragons!” we heard Master7 yell from his room. It was loud enough to wake both myself and Tracey and any sleeping dragons which happened to be around.

I assumed he was having a nightmare and sleep yelling but within seconds there was a thump thump thumping through the house and he was standing beside us.

“A dragon is trying to get me!” he stammered.

“No, it’s not,” Tracey told him.

“I heard it!” he said, jumping into bed with us.

No, he didn’t. We know what he heard because we’d heard it as well.

We have a couple of possums in our roof at the moment and they are causing us all sorts of problems. In the wee hours of the morning they bang and drag their way into their hidey holes, making their horrid little scrapping and rasping noises with the claws, before settling in to sleep and pee above us.

But the worst thing about them is they wake the kids, who naturally think they’re under some sort of attack.

“It was a dragon!” insisted Master7. All this angst from a kid who plays Skylanders.

“Dragons aren’t real,” Tracey told him. “They aren’t like dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were real once, but they’re all gone now. Dragons never, ever existed.”

“What about the Komodo Dragon?” I murmured from my pillow.

“The Komodo is just a lizard.”

“A big lizard,” I pointed out.

“You’re not helping,” she told me before returning her attention to our boy. “They’re not real. You don’t need to be scared of something which never existed.”

“There’s lots of better stuff to be scared of,” I piped up with.

But this time Tracey didn’t shhh me. In fact, what she said next really surprised me.

“Your dad’s right,” she said. “There are much better things to be scared of.”

“Dinosaurs?” asked Master7.

“No. They’re all gone,” she told him, kissing his cheek and gently pushing him out of bed. “You need to be scared of waking your mother at four in the morning. Now back to your room and close your eyes, you silly bugger.”

Yes, and let the dragon lady go back to sleep as well.

 fairy tales are more than true because they tell us that dragons can be beaten

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  • Hah ha we always refereed to my mum as the dragon lady only cause dad would call her that ha ha. we’ve been tempted to put in our dad’s phone instead of mums name dragon lady h aha.. but I love Tracey’s response and I’m only 23 this year ha-ha must say, I do love your blog though.

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