Like Mother, Like Daughter? Uh-oh

Butter wouldn’t melt

Sometimes your kids give you a glimpse of what life might have in store for them.

It’s horrifying, isn’t it?

Especially when you see a bit of yourself in there and it wasn’t when you were called up on stage to accept an employee of the year award.

“What’s that noise?!” Miss7 demanded of Nanny. Her and Miss9 were having a sleepover so their parents could go out merrymaking with friends.

“That’s just the neighbours having a party,” Nanny explained.

At that moment the unmistakable sound of something smashing cut through the loud music, and was immediately followed by roars of laughter and the suggestion of a Taxi!

“I’m scared,” said Miss9.

“They’re just having fun,” Nanny assured them. The girls didn’t think it sounded like they were. “You know,” Nanny went on, “your Mum and Auntie Belinda used to have parties like that here.”

A look was exchanged between the girls.

“I don’t think so,” said Miss9.

By now Nanny had ushered the girls down the hall and into a bedroom, where they could see the revellers sitting and standing around having a drink and a laugh. People were mixing and mingling and laughing and mocking and eating and chuckling and singing. All of the usual things people do when they don’t have to work the next day and have fewer inhibitions.

“See?” said Nanny. “They’re just enjoying themselves with a few drinks.”

“You mean like alcohol?” asked Miss7.

But Nanny didn’t get to answer because at that point something was said which made her chortle so loud one of the partygoers actually heard her above the half-yelled talking of two dozen people and the thump-thump-thumping of a thumping good song, and looked over to try find the source of the odd noise. You know, in case it was as scary a wild animal as it sounded.

“Our Mum,” said Miss9 with all the conviction of the freshly born again, “would never drink like that.”

I mean it’s true she doesn’t anymore. Rarely finishes a single pineapple alcopop these days.

When Nanny finally caught her breath she explained a few things about our girls’ mother & her sister. I wasn’t told specifics of what was gone into here but I’m assuming she left out the stomach pumping and naked starfish stories. And no, I’m not telling them either.

But whatever was said, that and the goings on was quite enough for our girls to make up their minds about the dangers of drink.

“When I grow up,” said Miss9 said with an air of utter distain and disgust, “I am NEVER going to drink or go to parties like that.”

Beside her, Miss7 had her head cradled in a hand as she leaned against the glass for a better view of the shenanigans next door.

“I am!” she announced with gusto. “I can’t wait!”

So FYI, Tracey, because of this incident when everything goes to shots it’s all on you. I’ll be in the corner quietly snickering into my beer.

She doesn’t smoke anymore either.

Mind you, their parents weren’t exactly teetotallers either

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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