"Oh Miss Celie, I feels like singing!"

A very unusual night for us tonight – we ducked out to The Empire Hotel to sing karaoke with Uncle Jason. Haven’t done karaoke in years. When we got the call asking us to join him our initial response was, “On a school night? But we were going to watch Hoodwinked Too once the kids were asleep.” Then we hardened up and decided to do something spontaneous for us for a change (as opposed to spontaneously buying iceblocks for the kids on the way home from the park).

We came away with a decent haul too – Tracey won a t-shirt and a hat, and I won a stubby holder and $25 voucher. Yay for us!!
Tracey about to belt out Old Time Rock’n’ Roll.

Miss16 looked after our sleeping brood for us while we had ourselves a little party. We’d be lost without her lately. Well, not lost obviously, but marooned at home anyway. I might have to ground her for a few years so she doesn’t move out of home and leave us stranded without a sitter.

Thanks for the invite Jason! Was a hoot! It’s fun pretending to be grown up now and again.

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