No Strings Attached

Trying to have an afternoon nap when there’s a two year old in the house isn’t easy, but today Miss2 was showing the classic sign of being tired – saying ‘no’ to everything and then getting upset when she didn’t get it.

In no time at all Tracey had tucked Miss0 into her cot and crawled into our bed with the defiant and contrary Miss2.

“Lie down.”

“No,” said Miss2, and lay down.

“Shut your eyes.”

“No,” said Miss2, and shut her eyes.

Eventually Tracey managed to settle Miss2 by stroking her hair. Then my daughter’s breathing settled, her little eyes remained shut and so then, finally, did Tracey’s.


‘What the hell was that?’ thought Tracey through a fog of sleep.


Tracey opened her eyes just as the hand crashed down for a third time on her face. SLAP!

And then she realized that it was her own hand.

Miss2 was picking up Tracey’s forearm, positioning the hand above Tracey’s face and letting go so gravity could do it’s thing.

Who says nap time can’t be fun.

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