Bruce and Sophie Batman websize

Pretty sure you’ll all agree, nothing says doing good quite like a Batstache.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and made what could quite easily, given Tracey’s every early intentions, have been a kanoodleless month into so much fun. What’s more, to date we’ve raised $437 for the Movember cause! Makes it worth being a bit itchy and scratchy.

Most of all I’d like to thank Camping And Outdoors for inviting me to participate and their support throughout the month – they donated 50c from every transaction into the coffers.

It’s not too late if anyone would like to contribute, and I don’t mean necessarily to me. If you know someone who is doing Movember send them a couple of dollars for their efforts and to show support for their wives or partners – they’re the ones who have really suffered 😉

A thing of beauty.

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It really does make a difference:) Thanks.

“Raising a family on little more than laughs”


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