Back to Backyard Basics

The brain-draining DS’s have been dominating our two middle children’s time lately as they look for any excuse to play them. It’s our fault, of course, as we’ve been using them to babysit for us in the mornings so we can lie in, and then not supervising their usage. I say we, but I mean me. Tracey works most weekends so the buck has to stop at my feet.

Well this weekend a change was in the air. No DS’s and next to no telly. The kids were united in their dissatisfaction. We got asked why we were being so cruel six ways from Sunday before breakfast was even cleared up.

This is how long it’s been since they were made to play outside – Tracey had to show them how to have fun with matchbox cars and rocks. They ended up playing out there for hours and having themselves a bucketload of fun, with a pinch of sibling disagreements over vehicle and property ownership tossed in for good measure.

Eventually they were allowed to watch one episode of Beyblades as we production lined them through the bath.


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