When Two Idiots Meet


I have a habit of making a bit of an idiot of myself wherever I go, be it parties, work or even to a petrol station.

I hate putting petrol in the car. It’s boring. It’s time I could be using doing important stuff – napping, for example.

But what I hate even more is when I arrive at the station and there’s a line up – all on the lanes for bowsers with caps on the left, like our current Kia Grand Carnival.

I don’t know what the ratio of cars with left to right sided petrol caps is, but I’m guessing, from my personal experience, it’s something like 80% in favour of whatever I happen to be driving at the time.

So when we pulled up at the service station near Noosa on the weekend I wasn’t surprised to see the line up of cars were all on the side of the bowsers I needed.

“To hell with this,” I mumbled, and pulled into one of the free spots.

“Wrong side,” said Tracey.

“It’ll be right,” I told her.

I hopped out and grabbed a nozzle, stretching it around the back of he car while Tracey went inside to pay.

I say ‘stretching’ but there’s really not any give in these things these days. Needless to say, no matter how I positioned the hose it wasn’t going to make it.

At this point I noticed a guy waiting in line for the bowser I really needed laughing at me.

I made a hand signal which basically said to him, ‘This is just my luck. Typical me. I suck at things other people don’t.’ We shared a grin.

Then, instead of giving up, I drove forward two feet and tried again. And this time, triumphantly, it worked. Although, it must be said, the nozzle did look a little awkward.

“You got there,” the bloke said good-naturedly as he pulled up next to me and got out of his car.

“Had to,” I told him. “My wife would heckle me all day if I didn’t.”

“Oh, shit,” he said.

I was a bit baffled by his response until I saw where he was staring. It turns out he had waited in line for a bowser when he could have taken my spot probably five minutes ago.

“It’s my wife’s car,” he told me. “I forgot her cap is on the opposite side.”

So we both stood there blaming our wives and pulling on the hoses to fill our cars while a line up of cars (behind him) smirked rudely at us. Because, lets be honest, we looked like a couple of idiots.

Which is nice because, as I’m pretty sure the saying goes, idiocy like company.

This is the bloke. He didn't want to smile for the camera lol
This is the bloke. He didn’t want to smile for the camera lol If he ever reads this he’ll know he made at least one right decision that day 😉

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs”


  • i often think about doing the same thing only at the one lpg bowser … it is always my ‘side’ being used. i am too proud to attempt it because a) i dont wanna look like a dick and b) i am not sure it would stretch that far… you have confirmed both things for me. Cheers! 😉

  • My hubby, a diesel mechanic, a month ago told me that if you look on the fuel gauge inside the car you see a little arrow which indicates which side of the car the petrol cap is. We have been married over 20 years and he only just tells me now. When stretching the fuel hose around the car, just don’t do that hubby’s work colleague did. He answered a phone call and drove off, therefore tearing the hose from the bowser. Hubby works for local government and back then they had their own on-site fuel pumps.

  • Bahahahaha àaaaaaaa. Honestly you just made my night. I have the move mastered by the way. I never look for the correct side. But I always feel like a naughty kid when im doing it

  • I use to own a Kia Carnival, and it was a nightmare to try and get petrol from the ‘other side’. I now own a tiny Suzuki Swift and can go where I like lol. Lovin’ the fact I don’t need a big car anymore 😉 This gave me a laugh, and brought back quite a few embarrassing memories.

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