My Killer Outfit

Trips to the loo generally involve children, piggybacks and my sexy af dressing gown

It would seem I am unsuitable for living life on the road.

At least I’m pretty sure that’s the point Tracey was trying to make when she refused to let me off our bus last night.

“No need to get up,” I told her when she sat up on her side of the bed and gazed, it must be said, unlovingly at me down the central aisle of our bus home.

Only half an hour earlier we’d plugged ourselves into bed and had each been snuggling into our respective iPhone apps before lights out.

“Where do you think you’re going like that?” she demanded rather than asked. At that time of night there’s really only one place I go if I get out of bed and I’d have thought after more than twenty years together she’d have cottoned on to the most likely destination. Or at least had the curiosity to ask before now.

“To the loo, if that’s okay,” I answered her with something resembling snarkiness, primarily because it was snarkiness. I’d just finished snapping on a headlight so when I turned to face her she was forced to squint back at me. “Unless for some reason you’d rather I pee into a water bottle?”

“Is this what you guys do when we’re asleep?” Master12’s drowsy voice drifted up from the bunk below our bed. “Pee in our water bottles?”

“Not yours,” I assured him.

He seemed to be satisfied with that response and drifted off back to neverland.

Tracey, on the other hand, wasn’t done with me.

“Don’t you dare leave the bus dressed like that,” she hissed.

My face said ‘dressed like what?’ but I knew exactly what she meant.

“What’s wrong with how I’m dressed?” I asked, feigning indignant. I even glanced down at my boxer briefs as though making sure they hadn’t ridden up my nethers to resemble something from the sexier end of the underwear rack in Kmart. In addition to my Batman ‘hot pants’ I was also wearing a Mario Bros tee. Not a perfect match but I rightly assumed it wasn’t the mixing of different cartoon worlds which was offending my wife.

“Seriously,” she said. “Take it off or you’ll get arrested.”

“Okay,” I grinned, removing my undies.

Because any opportunity.

“You know what I mean,” she said. “Put them back on before one of the kids wakes up and sees you.”

With a sigh I pulled them up then took my dressing gown down off the hanging racks over the driver’s seat to wrap myself in.

Even this I only did because Tracey has this thing about me covering my fantastic underwear when I walk to the loos. Even if it’s close to midnight and the nearest camper is thirty meters away. Even if it’s really hot outside.

I confess, my standards have dropped somewhat since we took off on our big lap a year ago. Sunday, at eleven a.m., I walked to the loo past several dozen campsites in my dressing gown, primarily because I hadn’t put on pants yet. Not that I think my geekies would have raised an eyebrow. There was a guy walking about here yesterday in nothing but budgie smugglers and thongs, and no one seemed even mildly offended.

“There,” I said, making a show of spinning around for Tracey to inspect I was all covered up. “Happy?”

There was a pause, during which her face gave every indication she was going to say she wasn’t, before she instead rolled her eyes so far back in her head her body seemed to follow and flopped back and she ended up lying down in bed again.

“Do what you want,” she called out in a tone which clearly indicated she didn’t want me to do what I want but couldn’t be stuffed going into it any more. “I’ll come bail you out tomorrow. It’s late and I’m tired and I can’t tell if you’re joking or you’ve finally lost the plot. I suspect,” she added, “the latter.”

Whereas I think I’ve finally worked out how to go potty after bedtime without having to waste several minutes removing and then setting up my sleep apnea machine.

I tell you what, here’s a pic. Why don’t you be the judge?

As I said, sexy af. In a Hannibal Lecter sort of way. Taking off my sleep apnea mask involves a lot of hullabaloo so I decided from now on to just unplug the tube. Nothing to see here, fellow campers and constables. 
This is where we’re camped out for three weeks. Incredibly, photos don’t do it justice.
The Mornington Peninsula is stunning. Even managed to see inside a couple of beach huts, although quickly worked out they were out of our price range when we checked them out online. They make a supercar look like a pauper’s consolation prize. My point being they’re used to rich eccentrics so hopefully a poor one will slip through the cracks
Chasing crabs.

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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  • Hi Bruce, Tracey & kids So glad you loved the Mornington Peninsula! Thats my beach! Have been looking out for you hoping I might be able to say hello! Love reading of your adventures. I’m thinking you could probably wear whatever you like, surely the head lamp blinds anyone & everyone you come across! Happy Travels Janie

  • Hi Bruce and Co, my hubby has to use a CPAP every night and they are a true blessing. I would also stop him from wearing it in public, most people wouldn’t know what on earth they are ( although hubby’s isn’t a mask, rather tubes that go up his nostrils) how sexy, cough, cough. But you gotta do want you gotta do to keep breathing. You are having so fun on this leg, makes me want to pull up and ship out too.

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