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Surprise! I’ve decided to start collecting some of my favourite replies on the BFLI Facebook page. Be warned, you might end up here on the blog 🙂


I cut the crusts off for my Miss5 and she still leaves the edges where the crusts were. Then today, I found her eating the crusts off the chopping board after I said no more slices of bread.


My boy used to “cupcake” his little brother till he was thrown up on. Learned his lesson the hard way.


I’ve trained them into believing that daddy loves cupcakes almost as much as he loves them, so they take great joy in presenting with handfuls of stinky joy.


Text message to husband: This year Valentine’s Day will mark 11 years together. We will be doing something special and you will be organising it. Rules… 1. We WILL NOT be going to McDonalds, no matter what spin you put on it, it’s not a nice dinner out. 2. Having sex is not “something special” unless accompanied by dinner and a movie. 3. I will NOT be cooking. 4. I expect jewellery and chocolate and not necessarily in that order. 5. Said jewellery is not to be from a vending machine. Follow these rules and you’ll live to see our next anniversary. Ps I love you.


I’m laughing so hard – Nathan (hubby) just showed Jack (12) how to use washing machine – told him to do this pile of darks then he can do a separate pile (pointing to it) of whites. I walk into lounge room later and room has clothes stretched out and Jack scrubbing with a wet wipe. “What are you doing?” I asked. He thought Nathan told him he has to clean a pile with “wipes” instead of wash with whites! And the child was actually doing it!!!! What teenager would even say ok to that let alone go about and just do it!
A few days before Christmas , Liquorland is crowded with people stocking up for the festivities and a few people had enough to need a trolley. One lady with a son aged about 8 had a particularly full trolley. Her son looked at it and said, very loudly, “Well, that might last you about a week.”
I didn’t realize we had been caught out by our then Miss 4 until I overheard her talking to her Grandma on the phone. Obviously only getting to hear her side of the call, I can only imagine the look on my mother-in-laws face when she had this conversation: “Yes, I’m good Grandma … Mum and Dad? They are okay… BUT … they were very naughty earlier. I saw them jumping on the bed. Mum must have felt bad about it though, because she started saying her prayers. She was going, “Oh God! Oh God!”

My then 4 yr old asked if she could watch Bruce Almighty. 
I thought about it for a couple of minutes and decided that there was nothing in it that I remember being inappropriate (except maybe the boobie scene which didn’t bother me much at all). So I put in on for her and carried on with the housework. About 20 mins later Miss4 came into the kitchen and said, ‘Guess what I can say, mum?’ This was a regular question for my little articulate chatterbox.  I said, ‘What can you say?’ She said, “Over to you, F@CKERS!”

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