My favourite Caesar Salad

There are probably a few dozen different Caesar Salad variations about. Every restaurant seems to have their own idea about what’s in it and how it’s represented – sometimes the egg is in the dressing: sometimes the egg is soft boiled and tossed in with the croûtons and bacon: sometimes the bacon is chicken.

I found this recipe in The Backyard Barbecue Cookbook a few years ago and I’ve been pretending I invented it ever since.

You will need:

white bread – a few slices, chop into small cubes
bacon, 4 rashers, rough chopped
cos lettuce, at least one, chopped up into largish pieces
Parmesan cheese, 50g, shaved
anchovies, 4, chopped
egg, 1
lemon juice, 2 tablespoons
garlic, 1 clove, crushed
olive oil, 1/2 cup

Crisp the cubed bread in the oven – 190 degrees for 15 minutes should do it, but keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. You want them just brownish, like toast. Crisp bacon over stove and drain on paper towels. Mix lettuce, cooled bacon and bread croûtons in a bowl.

I make the dressing in a bowl with a spoon and a whisk because I like my dressing to be rustic with chunky bits of anchovy, but you can use a processor if you like. Mix anchovies, egg & lemon juice. When blended, continue to process, or whisk, and add the olive oil in steady stream. When done, drizzle over the lettuce mix.

I warn you, you will not make this recipe once. My kids love this Caesar Salad and if I want Master20 to stay for dinner on a Saturday night I tell him I’m making this.


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