Miss15 brings a baby home

Miss15 tells me this is as close as I’m likely to get to a grandchild for the foreseeable future, which suits me fine. The school has a program in place where kids are given a lifesize baby to bring home. It cries periodically and they have to work out why and make it stop – just like a real baby! Yeah, right.

The big worry with this program is the babies cost $1600 and aren’t covered by our insurance. And the school doesn’t offer any either. Still, we decided to risk it because the experience is one she really wanted and if it makes her more aware of the consequences of her actions, then even $1600 is a bargain.

As Miss15 swears black and blue she isn’t going to have any children herself, but rather will adopt, this baby seemed to fit the bill.

The first night went splendidly: She hardly got any sleep at all. I just wish the nappies were filled with real goo so she could experience the joy of that as well  🙂


  • My daughter borrowed one of these dolls too, for her childcare course in year 10. The school had programmed the doll incorrectly (which they admitted after handing the doll back) so Miss then 16 had 3 hours sleep on night 1 and none on night 2. On night 3 she locked the doll in her closet as it cried all the time, no amount of key insertion would stop it, and she then crawled into our bed, at 3am. I should say that she is now 18 and 6’1″ and she was the only one to get any sleep

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