Testing The Waters

“Well, this is a little weird,” Miss8 mumbled to me.

She wasn’t happy.

“Don’t even think about complaining,” I told her as I made a mental note to avoid biting my nails until I got home. “I’m not exactly thrilled myself.”

In fact, I brought up my lack of thrill with my wife a few minutes later via a series of texts.

You. Bitch. I typed. I separated the words with a full stop because I thought bitch deserved a capital. Then I got to the crux of the matter. You knew! 

Poor Miss8 has been having a bit of a time of it lately. Despite grumbling her way through meals which are both gluten & lactose free, she’s continued to complain of stomach pains.

As anyone who’s followed our family’s story the last few years would understand, we don’t ignore stomach pains around here. Neither does our doctor.

Which meant Tracey and Miss8 arrived home from an appointment with a list of tests which needed doing immediately.

“She’s got an ultrasound and X-ray in half an hour,” Tracey explained, tossing the car keys to me. “And she needs to get a blood test done before then.”

When I began to question why she’d come home instead of going straight there, my wife explained she had clients to contact for some shoots on the weekend and I was only, near as she could make out, buggerising around with a measuring tape.

I only let her get away with that snipe because she was totally right about me currently doing stuff all.

That, and I’m scared of her hiding all the sex.

But fifteen minutes later, as I knelt in front of a toilet trying to fill a thimble with my daughter’s mid-stream pee, I suspected the reason I’d been sent to do this was something other than work related.

“Blood test,” I quoted back at Tracey, punching the words into my phone with as much distain as I could muster. I followed this up with a line I’ve gleaned from Judge Judy. Lying by omission is still lying.

Tracey, as you’d expect, was all sympathy and apologies. Although rather tellingly, without me spelling it out she knew exactly what I was I might be a bit pissed about. Pun intended.

Haa haa, she texted back. Oh shit. Urine! I forgot.

Did you though, Tracey? Did you really?

Tracey said I should be grateful it wasn’t a stool sample.
Last test done.
For her bravery – and agreeing to never talk about this again –  I took Miss8 to get a book from local Twiga Bookstore. She ended up with two because she insisted on the Addition and Subtraction one and I wanted her to have fiction to read at bed. Kids are weird these days.
Miss11 spending her FIFTY DOLLAR prize at local bookstore TWIGA after winning a short story competition at school. She picked up four new books! Three of those treehouse ones and NEVERMOOR by local (Sunshine Coast) author Jessica Townsend – who wrote on met wall when I put this photo up and now Miss11 is going to meet her in a couple of weeks!
My check engine light came on this week and I immediately thought of Penny. Immediately went to our mechanic and explained I had a broken light. “The damn thing won’t go out.” Figured he probably need to remove a fuse or something.
Tracey has been getting messages from her friends saying I’m driving around town with my headphones on so I’m getting a bluetooth stereo for Fathers Day. I picked the cheapest because I’m worried it’s coming out of my beer budget. Hope you all remember to give your partners something you want them to have. Or beer. 
Has been nice to have family meals around a proper table while we’re home. Not that I put this photo up to show you that. I mean, it’s a shite photo because I took it. But it’s just the only photo I have recently with Tracey avoiding the camera because she doesn’t think she looks decent. Back at you. Biatch 😉
Bus work has progressed a bit slower this week while Tracey has me prepping to paint the ceilings inside the house and I wait on some parts to come from Kaboodle for the cabinets.

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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