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Four generations in one photo.
Four generations in one photo.

When I think back over the years, I have suffered greatly at the hands of grandparents who think everyone in the world needs to see and admire their grandchildren, as if simply glimpsing an image of their grandchild will lift the spirits and soothe the soul of this stranger in a lift or lined up at a checkout.

Well buckle up world, because now it’s my turn and I intend on milking it – at least for this post anyway.

Because Tracey can’t really travel at the moment, my mum accompanied me on a quick fly-in fly-out to Perth to meet the latest member of our family – my first grandchild, my mum’s first great grandchild. Tracey was extremely jealous so under the guise of wanting to share the experience with her and make sure she didn’t feel left out I took the chance to really rub it in by sending photos and videos at every opportunity.

Although I was only there for a little over 24 hours, it was awesome. Seriously every little bit as awesome as I’d expected. I got to feed my little grandson and change his nappy (twice!) and hug my daughter and tell her in person how wonderful she’s going to be at mothering and basically just soak up the whole thing.

At the moment the oddest thing about being a Pop is the totally undeserved sense of achievement. I really don’t know why I feel like I’ve achieved anything and deserve praise, but I do.

As you can see, my grandson is beautiful. Perfect, in fact, with his littleness and cuteness and wonderfulness. All those usual things babies are.

Only, importantly, he’s ours! Or most specifically, mine.

Which means I get to be that grandparent.

So, let’s play ball…

I want you to imagine me pulling my wallet out of my pocket and opening it up to show you a clear plastic leaf harbouring the photo of the most beautiful little baby you’ve ever seen.

Remember, I’m watching your face for the appropriate facial cues you’re suitably awed. You will be, I know this, because this child makes my heart sing, so you won’t be able to resist.

At this point you’re thinking, ‘I’ll just smile and oooh and this’ll be over quickly,’ but then….

…flippety, floppety, flip, flip, flop, fump…

…the photo jumps out of the wallet with all the daring and purpose of a base jumper, revealing a ridiculous length of connecting clear plastic sheaths, each with seemingly a slightly different angle of the same moment (remember this baby is less than a week old, so not a lot of opportunities for variety yet) cascading all the way to the floor.

Welcome to my wallet. For the sake of authenticity, don’t forget to imagine I’m grinning at you like a…well, like a first time grandparent.

On our way. I got to watch TWO movies with the only interruption being a nice man asking if I’d like a coffee refill.


Smiling for the camera. The kid’s a natural.


I sat next to Izziah for his first car ride. MILESTONE!
I sat next to Izzy for his first car ride. MILESTONE!



I attempted the clever foot shot, but I am no photographer
I attempted the clever foot shot, but I am no photographer



I’m calling it, cutest baby ever.

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