Don’t Ass-About With New Years

Miss9 totally nailing this New Years caper. She’s so mature for her age ūüėČ

When it comes to New Years celebrations I often think people are facing the wrong way.

Like so many others I can remember in high school thinking¬†about what direction my future would take and wondering about things like if I’d ever have a family.

I mean near as I could tell having kids generally involved sex and that was proving to be particularly elusive.

And now here¬†I’ve become¬†a grandparent in 2016!

Wow! What a year! WHAT A LIFE!

My younger self would be chuffed.

But it’s not over yet.

Not only have my testies proved themselves to be¬†overachievers,¬†as you know we’ve sold up our bits and bobs, rented out the house and become gypsies – just like Brad Pitt in Snatch. Only without the fisticuffs. Or death threats.¬†Or general air of filth, squalor and foot fungus.

Interesting fact I shall be homeschooling the hell out of with the kids: did you know the word gypsies came about because Europeans mistakingly thought they were from Egypt? (They were actually from India).

I’m telling you, my inner younger self thinks I’m so totes cool right now. Best teacher eva.

As for health and well-being…well again, wow!¬†Because we’re still here. Still in love. Still loving life.

Which is my whole point.

I loved 2016. LOVED IT!

Of course, there was a lot to dislike. There were¬†also¬†bits to hate. There have been personal challenges to face, and even community¬†mourning for celebrities who helped shape the memories of¬†my youth¬†–¬†like Bowie, Prince, George and Carrie¬†–¬†and even shared memories with our kids – like, sigh, Alan¬†Rickman.

But the fact is it was another year on this great journey through Life with the people I love. That makes it special. That makes it wonderful.

Sitting back tonight, watching the kids desperately attempting to stay awake to see the new year in, I’m going to remember to appreciate the previous 366 days and focus on some very special personal milestones which have made my life ever more amazeballs, such as little Izzie, Tracey’s last successful operation, finding our beautiful bus and purchasing a¬†very useful tent to take with us on our Big Lap.

Again, on that last point, high-fives from my younger self.

You should know, I’m grateful for you too. You, who’ve once again clicked over to read my ramblings. You’ve become such a big part of my life through this blog and I can’t thank you enough for the joy it gives me each and every day. The means to be creative, and especially the interaction with y’all over on Facebook, is something I love. LOVE! ¬†It brightens my day. I hope it brightens yours just as much.

So again, thank you for being such a big part of why I loved 2016 and I’m having such a lovely time right now sipping tea and reminiscing.

Which brings me, in an ‘I’m talking diamonds and thinking coal’ sort of way, to my point here.

I wonder if maybe the biggest negative with New Years celebrations are the resolutions everyone tends to focus on: things they dislike about themselves or their lives and want to change.

Instead, I think everyone should focus on why the year we’re seeing out was worth the time we all put into it.

So here’s my challenge to everyone: in the comments, either below this post or on the Facebook link, share with¬†us the one or few things you’re grateful to 2016 for.

Happy New Years!!! Chat again next year x

Spot number four at Pinnacle Village. And here I was worried I’d be out of practice driving the bus by the time we took off south. Bugger tossing up between¬†morning or afternoon shade: this time we are directly under trees. We figure the risk of a big log falling on our heads is much less than the chances of us all dying from heat exhaustion.
The kids progressively destroyed the toilet door last week so today I totally home handymanned the hell out of the bus and put in matching shower curtains for the toilet and shower. Rather impressively, this involved both a screwdriver and a hacksaw.
I sent my mother-in-law a message to pass on to Tracey’s dad. This was their encouraging response.



Japanese for lunch before saying goodbye to some wonderful company we’ve had this week, including Andrew & Simone (who went to St Hildas boarding school with my sister many, many decades ago).
Tracey decided we’d only need one cup each on our trip around Australia, meaning I needed to innovate. If you’re wondering, the blue light is¬†the nightlight in our kitchenette, not a¬†blue screen.¬†
Miss9 and her new friend decided they would text each other….starting immediately it seems.¬†
Non-alcoholic champers for the kids tonight. Maybe I should transition Tracey too ūüėČ
Blurry shot of the kids having ‘champers’. I’m not drinking tonight so can’t even blame the booze. They got to blow the balloons up themselves and everything. Wasn’t sure we were going to have enough helium left from all the shenanigans with the gas. Come at me, 2017! You’re looking pretty gorgeous from here. Meanwhile, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Raising a family on little more than laughs


  • Im grateful for another year of health, an amazing Europe study tour I took that opened my mind in ways I didnt expect and for my family bonds becoming stronger

  • Challenge accepted.

    I am grateful my daughter is still cancer free and that despite her slight disabilities is taking the world head on. While I wish she did not get the whinging gene I am grateful my other daughter is happy and healthy. Overall I am grateful for the fact that we have all we need and each other.

  • Quite right Bruce, my 12yo and I are going over our favorite parts of 2016 tomorrow, but the clear winner has to be the arrival of Lil Miss 3 Months. Homebirth in September in the water with my hubby and Miss 12 right there to welcome her into the world, just in time for lunch! So grateful for the love and support from friends and family across the year – here’s to more adventures in 2017!! Wishing you ans your amazing family all the best!

  • Happy New Year Devereuxs. And you are right for sure! Looking back over the year that’s been and be grateful! Who wants to second guess what 2017 will bring? Just hope for more of the good stuff. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy your adventure in the bus! Love your work!

  • Challenge accepted!
    I’m grateful for the time spent with loved ones – family and friends. I’m grateful for the good health of my family. I’m grateful for the roof over our heads. I’m grateful to have celebrated 19 years with my hubby & love of my life.
    Happy New Year to you all! May you have your best year yet in 2017!

  • I am grateful for my beautiful children, health and happiness, my grand sons cochlear implants working well and the bank loaning me the balance to buy my house!! It was a great year! And I made it to 40 when lots believed I wouldn’t make it past 21! ?
    Happy new year to y’all!!!!

  • I absolutely love your attitude, Bruce. Happy new year to you and your beautiful family.
    I had a best/worst year in many ways, but I am so grateful that I had some revelations about just how strong I am and who/what I am willing to accept in my life. It’s really changed my life for the better. It sounds funny but I really like myself right now. I’ve come a long way and I’m proud of myself. It’s kind of a big deal.
    I hope for less struggles in 2017 but I hope to maintain the fire inside me and my ability to keep on getting back up.

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