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“Have you been given your thank you gift?” I asked Master11’s teacher, Mrs Burrow.

Master11’s been hanging at his Auntie’s place for a couple of nights because he’s had a bit too much heat and we’ve had a bit too much of listening to him whinge about it. That’s not really the reason he’s there. We’re just super stretched at the moment getting the house and bus sorted and Miss6 has some sort of virus as well. We’re spreading the load.

The upstart of it is, however, I didn’t know if he’d given his teacher her thank you gift – but there was one left on the counter, so it seemed unlikely.

Our friend, Taran, had these in her online store - perfect.
Our Gympie friend, Taran, had these in her online store – perfect.

“I haven’t,” she said. “Unless you mean the lovely letter his little sister gave me.”

I incorrectly assumed she meant Miss4.

Miss4 has given out more Christmas cards in one week than I’ve given out my entire life. She’s a machine. I went to the post office the other day and she wrote and handed out three while we waited to be served.

Only it quickly transpired she meant Miss9.

“She gave you a letter?” I said, because when something doesn’t make a lot of sense it’s a good idea to parrot the information back for confirmation.

“Yeah,” Mrs Burrow. “I assumed you knew about it.”

The only thing which goes on in my house which I know about for absolute certain is I’m the only sucker who removes the empty toilet rolls from the bathroom. After that the whole things a complete mystery.

“What did it say?” I asked, fearing the worst. Miss9 isn’t one for pussy footing around people’s feelings. It’s her way or the highway her way.

“Oh, I’ve kept it,” Mrs Burrow smiled. “I’ll send you a photo.”

Earlier this evening my phone pinged- the photo had made its way into my message box. Instantly it was apparent why, even though it’s not from one of her students, Mrs Burow has kept Miss9’s letter. It’s hilarious. Mainly because it’s spot on.

Josh is MUCH smarter than last year which means you’ve taught him well. Sorry if he gave you any troubles this year.

Her writing might look like she did it blindfolded and with the pen in her mouth but I’ll give Miss9 credit where it’s due, she sure did a cracker job of summing up her big brother and the battle fought in his classroom this year.

Thank you, Mrs Burrow – indeed all the teachers at Gympie West State School and Victory College – for nurturing our munchkins through 2016. Our kids won’t be back for a year or so now – it’s sort of our gift to you.

Now go have yourselves a decent break. You’ve all earned it.

The crossed out bits make it, if anything, even better. ‘He sometimes doesn’t listen’. True, but coming from you, Miss9. Miss9? Miss9, I’m talking to you!

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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  • Oh my goodness. That is without a doubt the sweetest, well thought out letter I have ever seen given to a teacher.
    Be proud of Miss 9, you are/have raised a fantastic himan being.

  • That’s gold!! As are the wonderful teachers at west.
    I wonder what her card for the home schooling teachers is going to say?? ?

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