Halloween Party

                                                                Halloween is fun!!!

As the sun set and the five Jack O Lanterns were lit, the balcony filled with witches, bats, pyschopaths and a very unattractive cross-dresser (me!). In a win for bad taste I decided to come as the scariest thing I could think of – my ex wife.  

The kids were having a loud time. A little too loud perhaps, but then it is only one night a year. We even gave them a treasure hunt in the garden for lollies. 

Trouble with the numbers of kids we had at the party is they behave in much the same manner as a pack of hungry, wild dogs and set about destroying our trees, our furniture and our sanity.

While I worked magic in the kitchen Tracey ran around all night stopping the brat pack from lowering property values in the street. Hence the lack of photos of the evening. 

We had graves set up around the house, a ghost in the garden, bloody hand prints in the bathroom and, the epitome of any classy party, fairy lights strung up all over the place.

Master18 & Miss15 both invited a few friends and posed all about the balcony, looking young and fabulous and enjoying themselves. With a few of our friends and their littlies, we entertained about 50 all up.

One thing is for sure – we’ll be doing this again next year!

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