Still On My ‘Stay At Home Daddy’ L-Plates

Photo credit: The Age
Photo credit: The Age

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the girls and I taking my parents out for a coffee today it’s that the little details matter.

Being a stay at home dad, part-time, has been a real learning curve. There are bits I love and bits I love less but, on the whole, it’s wonderful.

“It’s spending quality time with the kids I love,” I told my wife only last night.

No way that could come back and bite me on the bum, eh?

“Enjoy your drinks?” Tracey asked me when the girls and I arrived home having dropped Grandma and Grandad off.

We’d gone to our favourite watering hole – Gunabul Homestead, the local Par 3 estate. I explained how we’d sat on the balcony sipping our drinks while the girls ran around on the grass below after they’d finished their drinks and got bored of us.

“If was great,” I told her. “We had a good chat.”

“Lots of quality time?” asked Tracey.

“Yeah,” I said slowly, suspecting a trap. It was an odd question, oddly put.

“So you enjoyed your beers with kids?” she grinned, finally getting to the point.


“How’d you know about that?” I wanted to know.

She pointed at my laptop.

Middle of the screen was the photo below which George, the owner of the restaurant at Gunabul Homestead, had posted on his Zesty Edibles Facebook page.

Yessirree, I learned a valuable lesson today: If I’m going out to spend quality time with my girls whilst having a ‘coffee’ with my folks I need to made sure I turn my laptop off before I go.

There’s so much more to being a successful stay at home daddy than I’d ever have guessed.


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