Kick starting a riding habit

Me in Nightrider gear. Miss4
muscling in on my glory 🙂

Managed a monumental 16km today for the final day in my 21 day challenge to ride every day. As I achieved it in a little shy of an hour I guesstimate an average speed of 17km/hour – my dad drives slower than that! 

Big call out to Tracey (bestest wife in world), Coach Luke Mancell and motivator-extraordinaire Karen Jackson for all their support over the past three weeks. 

I’ve come a long way since I started a few months ago – I had too. The cost of having an ambulance trail along behind me is too inhibitive. Plus I was put off thinking they’d be staring at my butt.


To see the ride I took today you can link to Walk Jog Run: Final Route in my Habit Forming 21 Day Challenge

For information on forming positive habits, this can be worth a read: 21 days to form a habit

As you can see from the cheesy grin in the photo, I’m so impressed with myself I reckon I’d do me if I wasn’t married.

What do you think?

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