Jumping Jack Flash

Tracey walked back into the house after dropping me at work this morning and could swear there was a lingering smell of mangoes. Only we haven’t had mangoes in the house since Christmas, so they should have stopped lingering a long time ago.
It turns out Miss2 must have turned a stove nob before we left home this morning and for an hour the house had been filling up with flammable gas.
Quickly mustering the kids back to the car for an unscheduled trip to Grandma & Grandads, Tracey aired the house out for a couple of hours. She said it took longer to clear the smell out of the kitchen than our bedroom after a night of beer and salsa dip.

We’ve never had much of a problem with hands about the stove, but Miss2 seems enamored with the one in our kitchen since we gave her a toy kitchen for her birthday on the 26th of December. Only three days ago Tracey caught Miss2 with her hand reaching into a saucepan we’d left on the stove after we’d served dinner (it was cool by then, thank goodness).

As for how to handle Miss2’s stove fetish, well the trick is to catch her in the process of touching the stove. We can’t very well punish a two year old for something she won’t even remember.

We’ll need to keep a real good eye on her from now on or our little walking disaster might turn our house into a newsflash.

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