I’m Off To The Dark Side

Every now and then we shut things down here at Devereaux Central – electronic-technology-wise. That means no phones, no telly, no radio, no handheld games and, hardest of all, no internet. It really sucks.

But it’s also liberating and invigorating and something I would recommend everyone who’s wired into their universe do. Especially these days where, because of mobiles and computers, we’re always ‘available’.

We don’t tend to relax these days. Well I don’t. I’m always online, and for me that means writing and chatting and looking at stuff. I love it.

Usually, we’ll do these shutdowns from a Monday morning to a Friday night – effectively four days – but this time we’ve got something special on so we’re using it as the catalyst for a break from ‘all that fun stuff’.

I’m always a little anxious when we go into these shut downs. Will the internet be okay without me? Will Facebook disappear? Will people think I’m dead? What if something important happens? How will I know? How will I know if some Earth shattering event happens, like Powderfinger reforming? Then it occurs to me I’ll probably find out about the important stuff the old fashioned way – someone will tell me.

Now, I’ve arranged for a recipe post to go up on Saturday, but that aside I won’t be here until Sunday night. Possibly Monday night, depending how things pan out. Hopefully I’ll have something fun to pass on, but who knows. All I know for sure is I’ll be walking around feeling lost for most of the next couple of days, but eventually a feeling of calm will engulf me and I will relax. Alcohol may be involved.

So I’ll see you all on the other side. Hopefully with a tale or two, but maybe with just a deep sense of renewed energy  🙂  MISS ME! 😀 😀 😀 I know I’ll miss all you. x

When not typing away over here and checking his stats every two minutes,

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    • Awww, that’s such a nice thing to read, Drew. Now there’s about 800 back posts, so you should be able to find something new in there lol You wait here, I’ll be right back.

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