I want to ride my bicycle!

With my new-found exercise imperative (have little kids, need to live another 18 years) I have moved a step closer to healthy living with the purchase of my very own bike.

The Very Excellent Luke has been searching the world (read as eBay) for a suitable mode of transport for me with a ‘sky is the limit’ budget of $100.

And last weekend he arrived here with a cracker of a beastie for me 🙂

My beautiful beastie is a Malvern Star HAVOC. I think the HAVOC will very likely describe my driving style on the roads.

I had a Malvern Star when I was in grade 5 on the Gold Coast. I used to ride it to school. Thing is, despite the fact it was probably written on the bike in big silver or gold letters, I always thought it was a Melbourne Star. As an extention of this I always assumed it was made by a company in Melbourne (actually Malvern Stars are, but let’s not ruin the story).

Anyways, I love my bike. Already riding it hard and looking forward to have Thighs of Steel. V happy.

What do you think?

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