Hooray, Hooray, It’s a Poxy, Poxy Day

Miss7 says she looks like a starry night.

Things are a little painful now for my girl – she’s got a head and body full of blisters. Her mother has been staying with Nanny & Poppy until the doctor gives us the all clear for Tracey to return.

As Tracey is preggers, she had a blood test today and we’re hoping for some results tomorrow so I can get back to work.

But for today I have been on holiday 🙂 ….I mean, looking after my sick daughter 🙁

Master19 managed to cheer his little sister up though – he had her worried yesterday when he told her they called it Chicken Pox because feathers would start to grow out of the sores. She was looking genuinely concerned until he added she would then proceed to turn into a chicken. A year ago that might have worked. They grow up so fast.

As more and more spots have started appearing on what was once my very pretty little daughter, I’ve been tempted to grab a nikko and start joining them up, just to see what picture the virus is trying to make.

“It’s trying to tell us something, hon!”

While Tracey is away, poor Miss7 has me as her nurse, and I’m afraid I’m a bit of a clutz in the lotion applying stakes – I’m not very gentle (I’m told). Or at least, not gentle enough.

But then Miss7 has been perched on the couch watching the entire Season Two of Glee. So, despite having a day off work to sip tea and chat with my kids, we’ve both spent the day suffering tremendously.

What do you think?

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