The wheels on the BUS!!! go round and round

A holiday activity for the kids doesn’t have to be expensive or involve theme parks or cinemas.

Tracey needed to go downtown today to pick up some fabric, so I drove the car to work and she caught the BUS!!! with Miss6, Master5, Miss3 and Miss0.  The kids were thrilled. The anticipation of the day, the excitement of waiting for the BUS!!!, spotting the BUS!!!, climbing onto the BUS!!!, finding a seat, the BUS!!! pulling away from the curb. I could go on and on and on. Apparently they did. Best of all, kids their age are free to ride the BUS!!! so the whole thing only cost $1.10. 
While downtown, Tracey and the kids met me for lunch, played on the playground equipment in the park, met Great-Grandma Mac for a cuppa and then drove home. A grand success!

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