A Real Bad Idea


“Umm….Tracey,” I called out to my wife. It was about 7am and I’d just wandered over to my laptop in the lounge room after being woken by Miss3 shoving her fingers up my nostrils in an attempt, I think, to try stop me snoring.  ”Tracey!”

“What?” my lovely wife called from the bedroom. Her nostrils had so far remained finger free, so she wasn’t as awake as I was.

“You’re going to want to see this,” I called.

Tracey emerged from the bedroom. Her face told me this had better be good. It was.

“What?” she repeated.

I pointed at the screen. The email read:

I am a reality tv casting director and would like to talk to you.

It seems the sender really liked my blog and had a proposal of some sort. Suddenly Tracey was awake too.

“What do you think that’s about?” Tracey asked me.

“I’m working on the same information you are,” I reminded her.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m hoping you’ll let me ignore it,” I said. “I don’t want to be on telly and made to look a fool.” I was confident Tracey would back me on this. “Let’s pretend I never saw it.”

“Are you kidding?” said Tracey. “You find out what this is about so we can tell people exactly what we turned down.”

We often watch tv shows and comment on how things have been edited to look worse than they are. They wouldn’t need to do that much with us.

Only a few days later I was contemplating the whole reality tv scenario while at Little Athletics with the kids. I was chatting to a mate while Miss6, who’d finished her activities early, was determinedly trying to get money out of me for lollies. I was absently pulling her hands out of my jean’s pockets while I talked. This in itself would have made for a great segment on Supernanny.

“Look,” I said to her for the fifth time. “I don’t have any money for lollies so please just sit patiently.”

This would have worked on Miss9 or Master8 or even Miss3, but not Miss6. She sat still long enough for me to turn back to my mate and then bounced, wrapping her legs around my leg and sitting on my foot.

And then she started checking my pockets again.

Ignoring everything I’ve ever learned from Jo Frost I continued to chat to my mate, determined to finish my sentence.

Which was when Miss6 decided to prod my crotch. That certainly got my attention.

“Wha..?” I said, and went to whack away her hand.

Only her hand wasn’t there anymore, was it. No, but the top of her head was.

Riveting tv. Only, we just went from Supernanny to Australia’s Most Wanted.

I never got to hear what the reality tv person wanted to propose. Fortunately, it turned out they didn’t realize we lived in Australia so I was spared any further discussions without earning me the ire of my wife, but I really wonder whether we’d want the cameras rolling at our place.

How do you think your family would stack up in front of the cameras?

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”

Originally posted on The Shake – 17th October 2013

I shared the link back then but because I’m super needy and I really, really want people to know we were approached, here it is again 🙂 🙂 🙂 pathetic, I know 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • Haha we would have to be put on the comedy channel… Hubby and I were just saying today our kids have no chance of being normal as we are the most weirdest people we know….. Example 1) today my kids were shopping with hubby and my mother in law… As he puts it my daughter who is 5 raises her arm, takes a whiff and goes ‘hey nan, do I smell?’ He told me this as it is something I do when no one is noticing checking if I have to use roll on before leaving the house so I don’t smell like a mix of BO and disinfectant…. There are also the constant walking into doors, even with our eyes wide open… And the hilarious my husband tripping the step and falling over gracefully right next to me and our son… I couldn’t help but laugh…. And our mischievous cat Loki who is out to trip me up whenever I’m carrying anything at all….

  • I’m yet to meet a ‘normal’ family Rachel lol yours sounds perfectly weird to me, emphasis on the perfectly 🙂

    • Also not sure me sitting at my laptop or reading my kindle, iPad or Tracey’s iPhone would make such interesting tv lol

  • Good decision Bruce. I recently auditioned for a reality tv show (completely unrelated to my blog), and I found the process to be quite confrontational. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Better to not subject yourself and especially your kids (see Honey Boo-boo), to such circumstances. Plus, there’s something very cool I reckon about reading it and imagining it in your head, that’s way better than seeing it the way the producers would prefer to portray it. 😉

  • I am working on a little proposal for the TV networks – Real Real Housewives of Sydney’s Eastern Beaches. Watch me drink copious coffees, perve at beefcakes at the gym and do battle with the the local P&C. Rivetting stuff!

  • I’m not so much worried they’d edit the footage and make us look bad as I am worried they wouldn’t edit it at all and it would make us look bad lol

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