Head Case

A little box appeared on my computer screen at work yesterday. I’d received an email from Tracey.

Your son got his head caught in the bars of his bed.

“Did you get a photo?” I asked Tracey moments later on the phone.

“He’s fine,” she said, clearly under-impressed with my concern. “I eventually managed to pry him loose.”

“I take it, since you’re avoiding answering the question, that you didn’t.”

It seems Tracey had been on the phone to her sister, checking up on Cousin6, when the kerfuffle began.

“I was pretending to be supermum, saying how great it is to have the kids home for the holidays and how well behaved they’ve been, when suddenly there was this almighty scream and kids were running at me from every direction. I raced into the bedroom and there he was, head stuck between the bars like a cow in the stocks.”

“Why would he do that?” I asked.

“He says he was lying on the bed with his head up against the bars.”


“He just decided to do it.”

I fear there’s going to be a lot more conversations like this when he gets to high school.

“He didn’t hurt himself at all, did he?” See, I got there eventually.

“His ears are a bit red,” said Tracey. “But at least that might stop him from doing it again.”

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

But that night, after we’d all enjoyed a lovely meal together and split up to different rooms of the house (we can do more damage that way), Tracey again heard a kerfuffle from Master8’s room and went to investigate.

“Again?!” she said, looking with disbelief at her son again caught with his head between the bars. “Why would you do that again?”

“Because dad wanted to take a photo,” said Master8.

Tracey took another step into the room and sure enough, there I was, camera in hand, sheepish look on my face.

“It’s a reenactment,” I told her.

Tracey might genuinely love it when the kids are home for the holidays, but I’m starting to think she prefers it when I’m at work.

See, he’s having fun.

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  • Your posts never fail to give me my daily giggle Bruce – finally reading it on the PC instead of on my mobile so I can comment for once.
    Have to confess I prefer it when Hubs is at work.

  • Had to smile! Thankfully none of ours has ever gotten their head stuck in the railings, but it did bring to mind an incident with one of our cats a few years ago. He tried to reach some diet coke in the bottom of a glass, and managed to get his head stuck inside the glass (it was a weird shape, with the top rim being smaller than width of the glass below). Not knowing what the best way to handle it was, I rushed him to the nearby vets, who soon had him out safely. However, the removal of the glass was hampered by the fact the vet found the situation extrememly comical, and was laughing almost fit to wet himself…. However, he did say he didn’t feel right to charge us, because he had laughed so much (bonus!!!). And to this day my one regret is that we never got a photo!

  • Our eldest has only managed to get his head and one arm stuck in one of those round frisbees and an episode with sticky tape over his head and hair, couldn’t stop laughing( I’m not very sympathetic) still makes me laugh just thinking about it. Where do they think this stuff up, They get points for thinking out side the box. It amazes me how original they can be new and inventive ways to hurt themselves. hehehe

    • General rule of thumb – if they avoid hospital, it’s funny. If they go to hospital, it’s not funny until later 😉

  • My little Miss 4 managed to get her head stuck in the hidey hole of our cats scratching post! And yes i did get a photo while on the phone to the fire brigade (it was stuck good and proper!)

  • Hahahhahaa. This made me laugh out loud. Like an actual LOL. Reminds me of my own mini boofhead and my memory of getting my head stuck between the bars of the elephant enclosure at the zoo (not like yesterday – I was little). Thanks for the giggles!!

  • My youngest got her head stuck between two poles at the mall. She had actually done it previously (I know great parenting). So I knew I could pull her out without great damage. Although the little old lady watching me didn’t think so and was very quick to snark. Ha

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