Grandad Strikes Again


My dad has a habit of showing up even when he’s not here.

We have no idea when this happened, but we recognized the sense of humour. Plus he signed his work.

The girls chose a couple of old favourites from the bookshelf for Tracey to read to them at bedtime. First was Why I Love My Mummy, which is a personal favourite of mine too because it’s not very wordy.

I love mummy because she takes me to nice places,” Tracey read from the book. “I love my mummy because she plays with me.

That’s four pages right there. It may not have won any literary awards, but I’m guessing it would be a shoe in for some sort of Parent’s Choice trophy.

The girls sat on the bed, big eyes loving every word.

I love my mummy because she gives me a bath.”

“I want a bath!” Miss3 exclaimed.

“You’ve already had a bath,” said Tracey before continuing. “I love my mummy because she sings to me,” 

“You sing!” said Miss5. The trick is getting Tracey to stop.

“I love mummy because she helps me sleep at night,” my wife went on.

And then…Grandad.


“Everyone loves their mummy,” read Tracey as she arrived at the very last sentence of the story, “especially…”

…and one flick of a page later, he struck.


“That’s not what it says, Mummy,” Miss5 corrected her mother. “Everyone loves their mummy especially ME!

Yeah, but that’s not what it says anymore either because he changed the ! to an N.

And then he signed it - Put a picture of you and your mummy grandad here
And then he signed it – Put a picture of you and your mummy grandad here

He’s a bugger but at least he wrote it in pencil.

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs.”

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