Fun With Mum


Maybe it is time the kids went back to school. Without the distraction of homework they’re starting to find new ways to fill in time and amuse themselves.

“Get off!” Master8 shouted through the bathroom door. “Hurry up. I’m busting!”

“Stop yelling in the house!” Tracey yelled from the kitchen.

“Mum,” Master8 whined at her. “Someone’s on the toilet and I really need to go!”

This is one of the problems with having seven people in a house where there’s only one loo. To make matters even worse, our loo is in the same room as the bath, the shower and the washing machines.

“You’ll just have to wait,” Tracey called back to him.

“But I can’t! I’m desperate!”

“Well, you shouldn’t have held on so long,” called Tracey.

“But Muuuuum.”

“Just jump from one foot to the other and think of something else,” suggested Tracey. “I’m sure whoever’s in there won’t be long. You want me to hurry them along?”

“Nah, that’s okay,” said Master8. “I’ll use the urinal.”

And he ducked into the bathroom.

There was a pause.

“…what?” said Tracey. “Hey! What are you talking abo- DON’T PEE IN THE SHOWER!”

She raced through the house, pushing through the bathroom door, her face already contorting to produce the tirade of abuse her tongue was getting ready to spew forth.

“Don’t pee in the shower! Don’t pee in th…”

But Master8 wasn’t standing over the drain in the shower cubicle with his pants around his knees, as she’d expected. Instead he was leaning against the cupboard with a huge grin on his face. In fact, there wasn’t even anyone on the loo.

“Gotcha,” said Master8.

Yeah, I think it’s time they went back to school and started using their smarts for good instead of evil. Albeit funny, funny evil.

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