Football Sign Up

We asked the kids what sport they wanted to do this year and Miss7 said gym, Master5 said he wanted to be a Pokemon Master and Miss3 chose ballet so we went for the middle ground and yesterday we signed all three up for football.

There were five or six teams to choose from and we let them pick, so now they’re tigers.

Master5 has a good friend at school who is playing football this year so we took our kids down while he was there so they could be on the same team.

I loved sport when I was at school but I never really pushed my oldest two to participate in team sports because of the difficulty in getting them to mid-week practice when I worked and because they were away one or two weekends a month visiting their mum. I did get them into martial arts and dancing, primarily because I could take them after work though. Regardless of circumstances, I’ve always felt I did them a disservice by denying them the team sport experience. Us humans are pack animals afterall.

So we’ve forked out $300 for sign up fees and next there’s shoes and socks and shirts and shorts and shin pads and, probably not a bad idea, a ball or two.  We could have signed them up for hockey for $50 each, and that includes a hockey stick, water bottle and socks, but we went where the kids’ friends are because having fun with your mates is just as important as getting some exercise.

Tracey will be handling the weekly trainings while I’m at work and I’ll take the kids to games on weekends while she’s working. It should work out nicely.

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