Ten things I love about being a Dad (to 6 kids)

1. It uses up all that free time I used to waste sleeping in and drinking with friends.
2. The kids say far more amusing things than I do, but since I made them I get to take credit.
3. I don’t have to worry about being late to work as it’s almost always because the kids have done something (eg dirty hands on shirt or last minute stinker of a nappy) and the moment I mention the kids everyone at work loses interest in whatever I’m saying and walks away.
4. Because the older kids need to crank up hours behind the wheel I get to test out the quality of our car insurance.
5. I can relive my childhood because there always seems to be an episode of Sesame Street or Playschool on our telly.
6. I’ve discovered the musical genius of Hannah Montana and Justin Bieber.
7. I save money on upkeeping my hair, because I get free grey highlights.
8. My immune system is top notch because the little buggers bring home every variety of bug from their schools and daycares.
9. I enjoy going to work. There are no dirty nappies at work.
10. I’m never short of a hug.

What do you think?

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