Flavour returns to my diet

It may not look much, but this is a diet saver.

I was so damn pleased with dinner tonight I had to post it.

I’m still going hard on protein and avoiding carbs like they’re that Aunt who always pulls your ear and insists on bringing up every bad decision you’ve ever made at the dinner table like they’re some hilarious joke.

My brother was up in G-town this weekend and told me I can eat cheese on my protein diet. WTF? Who decided to keep this tasty morsel of  information from me? Avocados are in too!

Tonight I threw together some crispy bacon, cos lettuce, shaved Parmesan, boiled eggs and avocado. Then I made a Caesar dressing, with olive oil, egg, lemon juice, garlic and lots of anchovies.

It was simply delicious. My mouth is watering just writing the list of ingredients.

What do you think?

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