We struggle some mornings to deliver all our kids to their respective destinations. Especially Mondays where we have Tafe, primary school, prep and daycare, and that’s before we look at work. Sometimes in the melee things get left behind – homework, lunches, kids.

We’ve driven kids to school in their PJ’s. Once is usually enough.

I’m assured, however, this isn’t a problem confined to our household.

Take my friend, Jelly, for example. Because it isn’t hard enough for a working mum to fit exercise into her day, my friend’s kids decided they wanted to join her at gym this morning. This meant the usual morning chaos to get the kids moving and everyone out of the house and to their respective schools on time was brought forward an hour.

Deciding if they were all going into town anyway they may as well not return home before starting work and school she bellowed at her kids to grab their uniforms. This would claw back fifteen minutes of her morning, giving her time for a nice relaxing cup of coffee before work.

“Have you got a shirt and shorts?” she asked her son, Master14, in the car, because experience has taught her if somethings going to go wrong it’s going to go wrong with him. “Your socks? Shoes? Hat and homework? Schoolbag and lunch?” Had she missed anything ? “Are you wearing undies?”

All responses in the affirmative, they headed to gym.

It was only after gym she realized her mistake: poor instructions. What she should have said, she saw with the benefit of hindsight, was grab yourself a uniform from your wardrobe.

Instead, what Master14 did was to open up the washing machine and take out the clean but still wet set of clothes he’d worn the day before.

Despite this, my friend was determined to avoid returning home, the end result being she stood, bonnet up next to the school, dangling her son’s wet clothes over the running engine of her car in an attempt to dry them.

Needless to say she didn’t quite make it to that relaxing cup of coffee before work, but I’m betting she could have done with it.

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