Easter was about family

My brother, Shanus, and his lovely wife Shelly came to G-town for the Easter break with their three gorgeous kids. Even though they only live a couple of hours away we never seem to get enough time with these guys. Fortunately my brother doesn’t seem to mind the drive. Well, at least he doesn’t whine about it.

Our kids, from Master19 all the way down to Miss1, absolutely adore Cousin11, Cousin8 & Cousin3 (as witnessed by below shot of Miss4 attaching herself to Cousin3 like a magnet to metal), and there’s nothing as homely and deeply satisfying as watching them all run around and laugh with each other.

It’s my wish these kids all grow up in each others’ pockets. Engagements, weddings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries are going to be a riot.

Tracey took the opportunity to experiment with her new lens and we ended up with some fantastic shots.

What do you think?

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