So Anyway, This Happened Last Night


“No one’s going to believe us,” Tracey said to me.


“I don’t want to believe you,” I admitted.

We were staring down at our bed frame, which had snapped in two last night: on the last night we were using it before taking off on a bus where the sleeping arrangements effectively mean I’m joining a monestery.

“You know what people are going to say,” Tracey went on. “If you tell them.”

“Oh, I’m telling them,” I assured her.

Of course I’m telling people. I’m a guy. These sorts of feats are how we level up in the game of life.

I’m certainly not going to draw attention to the fact I’ve put on a gram or two this year and the bed just might have been hinting I could do without second breakfast occasionally.

So yep, our bed broke last night and it’s just what your dirty little minds have settled on: I’m a farking legend.

Now for a high five victory lap of Australia!

…and maybe some low fat yoghurt.

When three people waved at me and pointed to the back of my bus as they passed us on the highway I decided to check things out. The hot water system was getting excited about the potential for showers in the coming months.
Within an hour of leaving we're using the toilet and the hazard lights. This is the bestest adventure ever!
Within an hour of leaving we’re using the toilet and the hazard lights. Not going to plan, but this is the bestest adventure ever!
After three short hours, and three short stops to check if we were still okay, we arrived at the first overnight park of this fantastic trek – Bargara Beach Caravan Park (magic spot). There were days I doubted we were going to pull this off, but here I am, totally doin’ it!
This is me doin’ it from a different angle.
More doin’ it happening over here!
Now everybody’s doin’ it!!!
Had to grab something for dinner so I went for a walk. Either Bargara has the largest grains of sand in the world or someone stole their beach.
Came back from my walk to find groceries beer to this – kids starting their home schooling. Their idea! These are the same kids who wouldn’t do homework. I don’t get it. I love it, but I don’t get it.
Off to see the turtles. We walked because it’s all about saving money and someone told me it was only 30 minutes. Forty five minutes later it occurred to me they lied. Fortunately there was a flip flop failure, so we could justify catching a cab back to the bus.
This was our turtle, Marge. Or QA66480, as she’s known locally. This is her second nest in this, her first ever season. Interesting fact from the ranger taking our group – when the females mate they store the sperm of the males in them and release it into the eggs as required, meaning two things: firstly, a nest can have hatchlings from different dads, and secondly, I have to explain what sperm is to my six year old.
Only one in a thousand baby loggerhead turtles makes it to adulthood, they don’t breed until they’re thirty and then they have to crawl onto land where it’s ‘safe’ to lay their delicious eggs. WTF mother nature? Since relocating nests which have been established too close to the water, baby hatchling numbers have increased by 25% at Mon Repos. Another interesting fact, if you pronounce Mon Repos the way it’s written the locals will laugh at you.

Raising a family on little more than laughs


  • Bruce, get down to Elliott Heads. In my opinion one of the best beaches in Australia. Its only a 10 min drive from Bargara.

  • Love the turtles. When we were there they asked if our kids wanted to stay and help with the eggs that didn’t hatch. My partner and I walked back to the car then about 20 minutes later we walked back to meet the kids and encountered a taipan across the path. It was a big mother…aroung 6-7 feet long. I went cold at the idea that we had probably walked very close to it on our first trip to the car. Too close for me.

  • Congratulations, Im so happy you have finally set off on your adventure! Wishing you all an absolutely fabulous time and looking forward to all the updates along the way. You are an amazing family and I hope you all have a very merry christmas and . . . safe travels 🙂

  • I missed all the fun stuff. Sooo happy for you guys!!! Eeeek have a bloody ball (or is it bawl?- that’s what I’ll be doing today, finding out… 😉 )

      • Sounds good! I have been writing like demon, hosting pizza parties and writing some more. I should be thoroughly OVER it come January & Ad should actually have a day off by then. 😉 Oh & it’s definitely ball… Just incase you were wondering!
        “DRIVE ON!!”

  • Hi Bruce & Tracy, welcome to the Wide Bay Area. Another place to visit is Woodgate Beach, just a 45min drive south of Bargara – lovely sandy beach that goes on for miles! Great people too!

  • What a great start to your Adventure. Bargara is beautiful, my parents owned a motel on Miller St (Kelly’s Beach) for years. Won’t be far from the caravan park, it’s a lovely family friendly beach. Most years David Helfgott would stay at our motel for a couple of weeks, and the local cops would ring mum everyday to say David had been picked up nude … again ….. LOL. Mum eventually arranged for David to have access to a neighbours baby grand piano, and his naked wandering diminished 🙂 Driving back towards Bundy, it’s worth driving up to the Hummock… small pimple on that flat landscape, but the view is worth it. What’s next ? 1770 perhaps ?

  • I expected a “And were off/we’re leaving” fancy post of its own!!!! Nearly missed you left, tucked in this post.
    Have a GREAT year away.
    I thought you decided you were towing a car?? You changed your mind?? ,??

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