Dinner With The Butcher

A friend of ours cooked us a lovely Kangaroo stir-fry the other day and when he came over this afternoon I thought I’d show off a bit and produce a few recipes I’d found in a cookbook I bought recently – Dinner With The Butcher, by Pip Evans & James Diggins.First Skippy recipe he opened the book at gave us both a laugh though. See if you can spot why –

Preheat the oven to 170C (330F). Combine the garlic, spring onions, stock and herbs together. Soak the diced kangaroo in this mixture overnight…..

Apparently that oven has to be good and heated before you can cook in it.

Some of the other recipes in the book are great though 🙂 The Tasty Corned Beef recipe was a real hit with the kidlettes.


What do you think?

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