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When something in the news gets on my goat

Gay Marriage – Let’s Get This Straight


Although some media outlets sprouting stats of over 70% of our population in support of equal marriage rights in Australia, I feel I can’t let that stop me because the moment I pause for breath someone else seems to feel obliged to fill the silence with a contrary opinion.

A Blinder Of A Start To 2015


Some people can’t handle their alcohol. They become arrogant and abusive, like certain politicians speaking under parliamentary privilege they say and do things they know aren’t acceptable in normal society.

‘I Am Gay’


Going through checkout at Woolies today and the lady behind me threw down the Sunday Mail on the conveyor belt with much gusto, its ‘I AM GAY’ headline staring up at me.

To snip or not to snip


I did some thorough research into the origins of circumcision because I wanted to know how it ever became an option some bloke with a scalpel needs to ask. So on the back of that, here’s what Wikipedia had to say about it.