(Super) Short and (Sorta) Sweet

Tracey had just called out to Miss3 in her Mommy voice. The bedroom was a mess. Clothes had been dragged out of the wardrobe and toys pulled out of boxes. Actually, the room was a supermess. As Miss1 was asleep in her cot and the older kids were at school, Miss3 was the only choice for culprit.

Miss3 knew it too. When Tracey called out again and Miss3 didn’t appear, she went looking for her, finding her snuggled up in our bed. This is the girl who steadfastly refuses to have a day nap, so she wasn’t fooling Tracey for a second.

Eyes shut, Miss3 was even fake-snoring.

“Hey,” said Tracey. “You’ve made a big mess in your room. Now get out of this bed and come help me clean it up.”

“Mummy!” admonished Miss3, throwing back the sheets and jumping out of bed. “I was asleep!”

“Too bad,” said Tracey.

Miss3 walked into the other room and Tracey started folding the clothes. But when she looked over at Miss3 nothing much was being done. In fact, our daughter had spun around and was walking out the room.

“No, no, no. You get back in here and pick those toys up,” said Tracey.

“Mummy, don’t wake me up!” said Miss3, her eyes half shut. “Don’t you know I’m sleepwalking!”

And with that she left the room and headed back to our bed.

Where, it must be said, she didn’t get to stay and rest for very long, despite this all being supercute.


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