The Lone Dickhead

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I have something to say about the siege in Sydney, and it may not be what you’re expecting.

I don’t think I need to discuss the shocking waste of life. Those two poor souls who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t think there’s a reader of this blog who doesn’t empathize with them and their families and wish it had turned out different.

But there are some things which have come out of this which I think are well worth drawing attention to:

Firstly, our police are awesome.

I’ve seen comments where people feel the police should have taken this Man Monis out in the first hour. That’s what they would have done. Because they’re idiots. The police were operating under the best information they had at the time. They didn’t know if there were bombs inside, or if this guy was alone or had company. Can I just say that if ever I’m a hostage I want these guys flown in. Everyone from the negotiator to the officers at the barricades. I was so impressed with how they were handling everything I think my wife got sick of me saying it.

Secondly, this guy didn’t represent Islam or refugees. He represented himself. He is, according to social media, The Lone Dickhead.

I just LOVE how social media took to the web to reinforce this message. I LOVE that anyone considering this sort of stupidity in the future knows how they’ll be thought of. We won’t break. We’ll just call them a dickhead and get on with it. What could be more Australian!?

 Thirdly, #illridewithyou

How fucking awesome are we as a nation?! I don’t think I’ve ever felt more in touch with my fellow Australians. Seriously. It doesn’t matter if you believe in shite we think is bollocks, you deserve to be able to move around this country without fear. And I’ll stand next to you to make sure you aren’t alone. I actually had tears in my eyes when I read about this. I actually welled up.

Well done, us. Well done, Australia. We are a nation of different cultures, colours and religions, but in this we are standing united. I myself am agnostic, but I will defend your right to believe whatever spiritual nonsense you like. Even if I think it’s daft. It might be. It might not. I don’t know what happens when you die and I’m not eager to find out. Unlike some. There are dickheads out there, like The Lone Dickhead, who mean good people harm and mean to cause havoc within our communities, but we won’t make you stand alone. That is the message this hashtag is sending.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if, instead of encouraging hatred, this act of hatred brings our community closer together? Wouldn’t it be lovely if the end result is the opposite of what one might expect?

Which is, from what I’ve seen, the way it seems to be going. Although I have been watching ABC and apparently some of the other media outlets haven’t been as sensible.

The dickheads.

But given what I’ve seen and witnessed, I have to say, I’ve never felt prouder to be an Australian.

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  • #illridewithyou indeed! I don’t take public transport, but this makes me want to start. I’m an American immigrant (have been here 14yrs now) and I can tell you the aftermath of this in the US would have been vastly different. It warms my heart to know I am raising my children in a country where the majority of people are caring and intelligent people that leap to support Muslims (who are just as horrified at what has happened!) as opposed to attacking them.

    • Sorry, but you seem to have lost yourselves in some Fantasy Island version of your own reality. I was called by The Airline Pilots Association to identify parts of the Boeing 757 that was hijacked and crashed 12 miles from our house in Pennsylvania. I was in Dallas at the time and it took three days to drive home as more of these “lone dickheads” terrorized the free world. You are completely naive if you don’t believe that there are PLENTY more of these zealots living among you, waiting to commit crimes against a nation that has very little capability to defend itself from such attacks.

      • I think some people have missed the point and I don’t know whether it’s deliberately or they honestly don’t see what they’re saying – the Muslim community isn’t responsible for this dickhead’s actions. He did it. The same way the entire Christian community wasn’t responsible when Scott Roeder killed Dr George Tiller in May 2009. Don’t blame and hate on a whole demographic because of one dickhead (or even a few). That is wrong and only leads to more hatred.

      • What happened on September 11 was totally different from what happened here. This was one person, a known criminal with a long history who just happened to be a religious fanatic.

        There may well be others out there, plotting who knows what. But that is what ASIO and the federal police are for.

        “Fantasy Island” eh? Just had to pinch myself to make sure I’m real. Yep that bloody hurt.

  • Love this! Totally agree. The Love Wolf tag was wayyyyy too appealing. The lone dickhead suits beautifully. And yes, aren’t we Aussies just awesome!

  • BRAVO, Bruce. I love this post. I really do. So well expressed.
    I have not felt this much pride in Australia as I have today. A tragedy occurred, but these people (while it was fucking senseless and should never have happened) did not leave us in vain. Look at how we all came together.
    When the Martin Place beheading plot was foiled, I saw so much vitriol everywhere online. I was disgusted and ashamed. And sad. To see how we have decided we’re better than that – amazing. Faith in humanity restored.
    In saying all this my heart is broken for those who suffered in the heart of the siege and those who lost their loved ones. Lone Dickhead is an understatement. What scum. In any language or religion.

  • Very well written. Thank you for expressing how many of us feel. I, also, had tears well up in Aussie pride over the compassion shown to others. Love “The Lone Dickhead” moniker. How apt!

  • Love and strength to you and your fellow country-men from America. I am proud of your country and your police as you are. He was a dickhead and doesn’t deserve another moment of news time.

  • Here here!! So very well articulated and to the point, I couldn’t agree more or feel more strongly moved by this (as evidenced by my very first comment on any blog..ever!!) I too am proud of us. Good job Aussies! Take that dickheads!

  • Yup! Definitely on the same page here. I got so emotional last night trying to explain the #illridewithyou movement to my parents-in-law last night. I could barely get the words out. My husband even felt moved to comment on Facebook about the pride he felt for his adopted homeland for the way we have responded to the madness.

    Although I’d have said “sympathise” … not quite “empathise” (as I’ve not lost a loved one in this manner) … but definitely not “emphasise”! Sorry, my inner grammar nerd couldn’t help itself!

  • As long as the media are going to behave like cheap ratings whores, there is very little chance of an unbiased view to be found. I choose to not name the criminal again. Too much attention has been paid to him. I choose to not refer to him as a terrorist because I do not think Australia has been terrorised. We have been pissed off, and let down, because the miserable piece of excrement, and his minion girlfriend, were let out on bail. If not for “that” flag, there would have been no easy association with terror, he would just have been a deranged man with a shotgun taking the patrons of a cafe hostage. Two good people died because of a criminal’s actions. Others were physically injured. How many more will suffer because this criminal has given the public a flimsy reason to demonise Muslims? And it will be mainly Muslim women targeted because modest women of faith are the most visible Muslims.
    Thank god we are Australian and #Illridewithyou is showing all the good Muslim people out there that we do care .

  • This is about the most perfect summation of what happened in Sydney that I have read – thank you for taking the time to write and share it!

  • #illridewithyou Well said once again Bruce! I follow your blog closely and love reading what you have to say. If I ever meet you, I’m going to give you a big hug!!

  • Just to prove us wrong when we believe all your posts about how silly you can be, go and do something sensible. Maybe we don’t need to pity Tracey as much as we first thought 😉

    Nicely said Bruce and thanks for putting it out there for us all. Lone Dickhead it is forever now.

  • I’m glad the media hasn’t spiralled out of control on the religious front. If you take his religious views out of it, this bloke was a lone dickhead. He was in a situation he’d lost control of, and like any number of people around the world he lost it and took innocent lives with him. No reason to have a backlash against any religious group over it, you could compare him with Martin Bryant in many ways. He was also a lone dickhead, and Australia didn’t take revenge on anyone who shared his faith (if he had one).

  • This man was a deranged criminal – nothing more, nothing less.
    The Australian Muslim Community in my opinion and experience would not support this type of criminal behavior. They would be as horrified as all Australians of all races and religions would be seeing this criminal bring up religion as an excuse to get publicity.
    We allow freedom of speech in Australia, we allow freedom of religion also – keep the dangerous radicals out of Australia – they are poisonous and give the whole decent Muslim Community and the Australian Community in general a bad name.
    I am yet to meet a Muslim who supports these criminals and I have also found most Muslims very tolerant of others.
    My sincere condolences to the families affected and this includes the criminals family.

  • I’m an Aussie living in the US. Proud of the way Aussies have chosen to use social media. I agree with you about the way the police dealt with the seige. They did an awesome job. As part of a minority group, I have on occasion felt targeted, intimidated and afraid by the behavior of dickheads. When I read a fb post about #illeudewithyou I cried. Made me feel very proud to be an Australian.

  • Hi, This is the most beautiful post you have ever written. It actually made me tear up.

    Well said.

    Sar – Proud Aussie

  • So succinct & so Aussie … the lone dickhead. My favourite quote of the year. You’d better trademark it before some lone wanka nabs it 😉

  • Temporarily living in the UK, I’ve watched the unfolding of the sad sad event, and struggled to make sense of it all – you’ve nailed it: thank you for articulating so well what I felt.

  • ‘Lone Dickhead’ is just perfect. Great piece – except emphasise should’ve been empathise – though don’t let a little typo put you off posting great positive stuff like this 🙂

  • Totally agree with this post. I Love Australia and damn proud to be Australian. We cannot let them divide us we must all stand together united whether we be white, black, yellow, green or purple, whether we are Christians, Muslims or Atheists. We must stand together as Australians and not let them win.

  • Yes and one of the big things that has made Australia such a great and safe place to live is the fact that we have exposed most of the atrocities that have come out of heavy religious dogma and the mistrust in the religious leaders that have throughout history have had nothing to do with being spiritual or loving to mankind ,their main aim is having power and manipulating others to follow their dogma and writings . We should not be fearfull of speaking out about what we see in the world as being an intense mind controlling culture of any kind , especially the ones that reject others for not following their dogma and beliefs

  • Well said Bruce. That’s what I think… he was a lone dickhead. The less attention paid to him the better. I loved the outpouring of flowers in the square its nice to see the nation cares

  • Standing ovation with huge round of applause. Best thing I’ve read in ages. And yes, I’m bloody proud to be an Australian and think our cops are freaking awesome.

  • ‘Lone Dickhead’ love it and I am to thrilled to see the response from our community being so positive, as soon as I heard the news I was preparing myself for all the ‘Social Dickheads’ to come out and have their ranty 5 minutes of stupid.

    Instead……. it was awesomeness to a horrid event & out pour of understanding.

  • The only dickhead here is the clown tht wrote this post. Anyone who think this guy was a lone wolf is a fool. He was the face of Islam as we know it.

    • ‘The face of Islam’? The Lone Dickhead? Oh, Billy, you’re funny. Sad too. Misinformed. Bigoted? Yeah, I reckon. And if you think I’m being harsh and judgemental remember that you’re the one who came on here and labelled me a dickhead and a clown and a fool for saying we shouldn’t hate so many for the actions of so few.

  • Police are awesome and I agree. But whoever was in charge (I’ll call him/her Mr X) of the special unit should be fired on the spot and here is why:
    1. The very first thing SFU (special force unit) does, is to establish “eyes” inside of the zone. To know exactly what is going on inside. If it hasn’t been done, whoever Mr X, should have been fired right then. Because if they did have the insight view,
    a. they would have known exactly how many terrorists are there
    b. He doesn’t have a “dead man” switch and if he has no dead man switch, you can shoot him at the first available chance
    c. He had no bomb on him

    2. The second opportunity Mr X had was when the very first hostages managed to escape. And all Mr X needed to know is if the terrorist had a dead man switch.
    3. When SFU started storming the shop, it looked like they were not prepared for it. No detonation on the slide doors for the quick entry. You can see on the Chanel 7 broadcast how two SFU’s were trying to press a slide door button to get it opened and it wouldn’t (because all the doors were disabled, that they got it right)
    4. This guys did represent Islam and you can’t call him a long wolf. He had 68,000+ loyal followers. It is potentially 68,000 long wolfs (or in some countries it would probably be called an army).What if two or four (like in Pakistan school shooting) followers get together and do the same? Would you call them long wolfs?
    5. I personally thing #illridewithyou is great initiative, but the core problem here is that it wouldn’t have happened if so called good muslim majority spoke up against so called horrible minority. But they don’t do that. They don’t speak up, because that majority has the same ideology of Koran, which is a “brutality” book. When the new unti-terror law was introduced, no one a part from Islamic leaders had problems with it, which pretty much confirms that they have something to hide. I have nothing to hide at all… knock yourself out and check my emails, phone calls and bank accounts. You wouldn’t like it if you have something to hide.

    It’s time to get real and smell the reality. Islam is deadly for ANYONE who is not s believer.

    • I recommend anyone who is slandering Muslim culture does some research before hand there are two books the Hadith (profits word) and the Koran (gods words) they are very different and have separate messages look into it a bit before making public statements about the Koran being a book of “brutality”

  • never been to Australia but it’s on my bucket list. Nice job taking care of dickhead and I agree with the views not giving him anymore of his 20 seconds of fame.

  • Completely agree with you. As a Muslim, I am touched by the support and understanding that Australians have shown. I can only pray that people of other nations look towards you and learn to be as tolerant.
    Thank you.

    • Ah, but unless your surname is Johnson at least I stand behind my comments enough to use my real name, Magic. And for which bit? Thinking the police and their support were awesome for throwing themselves in front of those bullets to try save lives? For calling this guy a name (I’m guessing you aren’t upset because you think he’s a hero of some sort)? Or for being proud of the attitude of so many Australians for laying the blame where it should be – on the person who committed the crime – instead of on anyone who happens to share the love of a certain book? Thanks for stopping by and engaging in the discussion, Mr Johnson.

  • 100% agree with everything you wrote!! The Australian “people”, and particularly the people of Sydney, have shown what they are made of. If only the media would “get with the programme”!!

  • 1. The police are awesome. I agree.
    2. He did represent Islam.
    3. Don’t gloss over the difference between ideologies. Let people feel the tension. All of us need to see the flaws in our beliefs if they’re going to be addressed.

  • I am fully supportive of having people feel safe and ace the right to be who they want to be if they are not putting unwanted situations where others are not interested in there ideas.
    I have a massive problem with showing any support towards any religion at all but mainly Islam. Religion is a following without any common sense and disgusting things happen, have happened and will happen because of it.
    Islam or Muslims the religion I mean is anything but peaceful . It is the most racist, sexist, cruel, child sex abusing and hypocritical of them all.
    Before I go further I totally agree there are lovely Muslim people, thousands of them. The religion is brutal and to the nice Muslims I need to ask what is it you read because from the very beginning Muhummod the Prophet spread Islam by the sword, murdering entire villages of non believers keeping only the Virgin girls as sex slaves and encouraged this as right. It is Alahs way. Muhommud himself took a 6 year old bride when he was 52. This here alone should be enough to throw the religion to hell right then and there .
    Alahs rules are to murder anyone who commits aphostrephy and preaches peace that can come only when the world is controlled by Islam and Shria law and says Jehad ( holy war is the way to do it) everyone else must die including me who believes nothing. Especially ghosts in theme parks in the sky who hears every word yet does nothing EVER.
    Any peaceful piece is a small passage to suit who’s reading it.
    I’m happy to stick up for s lady who wants to wear what she likes but do not force this ridiculous , rubbish joke of a belief RELIGION ON ANYONE. It’s bullshit and for people scared of death and it being final.

  • What has disapponted me are ‘commentators’ like Paul Murray, some boofhead hack he has as a sidekick, Miranda Devile and other bloggers who have been blaming Islam, insulting ‘bleeding heart lefties’ and saying Muslims have hijacked our sympathies with i’llridewith you. They are still looking to divide and once the funerals are over, these hate mongers will start pointing ill informed fingers. And the dickhead(s) will win.

  • Yes he was a lone dickhead. But I fear we will be seeing a lot more lone dickheads in the future as Islamic extremist groups call for more lone dickheads to do the same.

    He definitely does nit represent the views of 99,9% of Muslims who are friendly and peace loving. But he represents the views of the very small number of radical fundamentalist Muslims like those Islamic State. Unfortunately their website is actively trying to recruit more lone dickheads, apealing to people who through various circumstances have nothing to lose by doing these things.

    Again this has nothing to do with 99.9% of Muslims who are genuinely nice people.

    And the same thing could have been done by a crazy radical fundamentalist Christian. Just pointing out that there are a very small number of Muslims world wide encouraging other lone dickheads.

    The price if freedom is eternal vigilance.

  • I had heard that as the law currently is the police were not allowed to take him out with a sniper. They’re hoping to change that law now. Otherwise that’s what might have happened before the civilians were hurt. Our country’s law is fairly ‘human rights’ driven I think, and it allows for people such as this one to have some freedom, if only temporarily. I think bail granted to potential psychopaths isnt careful enough and i also think government payouts to criminals is ridiculous. If you need to make drugs or rob people for money instead of getting a real job you should be in Gaol with no money, not granted bail and then ironically given a settlement from centrelink!

  • Like you I am proud to be an Australian. Proud of the way our police and for a large part the media handled things. We can all be wise after the event and say how things should have could have been done. I am proud of our Muslim brothers and sisters who have largely condemned the actions of this lunatic. Proud that instead of letting this being an opportunity to ferment hate and violence, have turned their backs on it and stood by. I am proud that we are devastated by the deaths of 2 innocent people. Can you imagine the pain that the Pakistani nation are going through right now after the murder of 130 children. I hope that we are left a little more sensitive, a little more aware of what people in other countries go through on an almost daily basis. Thankyou for your eloquent words (drunk fingers talk well sometimes)

  • Very sad day for Australia but no matter whether the Muslim community have disowned him they all still believe they are superior and want to control Western nations. The Muslim women who fare retaliation have continued with the ‘divide’ between themselves and how they see the rest of Australia, again blaming us,that’s their mentality. I for one will not be riding with them until they change their attitudes.

  • Now I know why Australia has so many busy physiotherapists, the population spends too much time ‘patting itself on the back’ for behaving in a normal civilised manner.

    • I think you misunderstand the purpose of these sorts of discussions. Unless we stand up and express ourselves like this the haters, who are extremely vocal, are the only voice. This is important 🙂 thanks for stopping by.

  • Yes I agree totally almost.Only we don’t know onhesty and truly who that lone dickhead had as friends out there..He acted alone and took two good people’s lives with that.I gess he only knows the truth.Which isn’t important now only I hope this makes our country stronger and makes any type of person who thinks along the lines of terrorism of any sought a fool for trying to break our spirits.

  • I knew I LOVED your blog for a reason Brucey but OMG you wrote my feelings on this matter perfectly.
    And whats more I am feeling that it has encouraged a sharing of the Christmas spirit across more devides too, well its how it has appeared to me at my check out at work. More Muslims and Budists and even Hindi coming through with Christmas goods and so much love being expressed. I have worked in retail for 18 years all told and done alot of Christmas shifts but this week I have been huggedby more customers than ever before and seen them hugging and sharing the love everywhere.

  • A lunatic hijacks an inner-city coffee shop, holds innocent people hostage at gunpoint, brings the CBD to a standstill, causes the deaths of two beautiful people and then some people decide he should simply be called the “lone dickhead” in lieu of the media’s “lone wolf” description, because that might somehow lessen the horror of the whole thing…

    Look…this bloke WAS NOT just your garden variety dickhead, and for people to call him that is actually an insult to all the dinky-di Aussie dickheads out there who’ve earned the right to be referred to as a dickhead in the true sense of the word (as used in the Aussie vernacular)

    This guy did was in a completely different orbit to that in which your typical ‘dickhead’ operates.

    A ‘dickhead’ is someone who drinks and drives; A dickhead is that obnoxious person who publicly abuses a waitress in a restaurant for being a bit slow with the meal; A dickhead is the bloke next-door who holds loud, drunken parties for his mates until the wee small hours – stereo cranked to 11 – not giving a rat’s arse about his neighbours. Heck in some cases, the term ‘dickhead’ is not even used as a mild perjorative, but rather as a veiled term of endearment, much like the term ‘Bastard’.

    No – calling this idiot the “lone dickhead” misses the mark by a considerable margin. He was a violent sociopathic who had a long history of violence. I’ve known a lot of dickheads in my time and have been called one, but in describing this guy, the term “lone dickhead” doesn’t even close.

  • I have been calling this guy ‘The Sydney Thug’ but ‘The Lone Dickhead’ is way better. As is everything you said. Thank you for putting it into words. I am so grateful to be an Aussie. 😀

  • Job done. Man killed. 2 people killed by man. Whatever the result, however the result was achieved, it is NOT a time for patriotic masturbating of egos. There ARE lunatics out there, of all religions, colour and shades. Not a time for self congratulation or jubilation, merely a time for reflection and prevention without rhetoric .

  • Love love love this post Bruce!! Knowing that despite all the negetive publicity Australians are far from giving into this frenzy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo heartwarming and although I believed it before too I have no doubt Australia is the best place to be !! And Australians are truly an awesome nation unlike other! There to support each other as humans and nothing else! I’m a humanitarian Montessori teacher graphic fashion product designer soft hearted Muslim woman and #illridewithyou is the best thing that happened to me ❤️ Needless to say we know our dickheads from the rest! They have no place in Australia!

  • I have not read the comments. I was actually DISGUSTED in how nothing but this Dickhead ( and he was regardless of anything else he may have been and I think it is foolish to say he didn’t share some extreme views, his past actions prove that)was seen on all our TV channels.
    DO NOT LET THIS CHANGE YOUR PLANS. DO NOT BE AFRAID. We were told by the police and every other Tom, Dick and Harry. Even the news reporters said it. Followed immediately by Terror has come to Australia. These terrifying events etc etc

    I was glad there was’nt some Cronulla bullshit happening and I can honestly say that was not thanks to the media coverage.

  • Perhaps I should have explained, the media had begun to refer to him as a lone wolf. But that sounded too cool for many on social media. And I think you’ll agree we don’t want anything like this to sound cool. So the phrase ‘the lone dickhead’ was born. And I like it 🙂

  • Loved the blog and oh so true. The one thing that sometimes bothers me in any population of people is that everyone is supportive when there is a common threat. Once the threat is gone, then the prior bickering and BS returns.

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