This Right Is Still So Wrong

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Best you know up front, I’ve got my ranty pants on.

Let me start with what seems to me to be a very simple question – why shouldn’t gay people be allowed to marry each other? There’s a simple answer too – there’s no reason they shouldn’t. Not one.

I know this because I’ve read numerous comments and heard countless opinions from people who think differently and I’m sure if there was a decent reason only straight people should be allowed to get married someone would have said it by now.

They haven’t.

I can’t believe it’s 2015 and we’re still dragging our feet on this. It is wrong two grown adults can’t marry if they want, regardless of their bent. Full stop. Whether or not you agree with gay marriage, gay people, gay tendencies or Golden Gaytimes doesn’t matter.

Not. One. Bit.

Because you know what? I don’t agree with motorbikes – they’re dangerous and loud and scare the bejeezus out of me when they sneak up in traffic and roar by. I don’t agree with shows like Mike & Molly or 2 Broke Girls – they’re not funny. I don’t agree with cricket – if I had a choice between an enema and watching a game, I would stock up on bum tickets. I don’t even agree with the colour Lavender – it makes me want to mentally puke inside my skull.

But none of that matters, because people who like vehicles with half the correct number of tyres, boring sports, crappy tv and blah colours are allowed to do so without any input from me. In fact, even I admit it would be wrong if my opinion stopped them having their fun, such as it is. I sure as hell wouldn’t allow anyone’s negative input into my enjoying cycling, sexercise, Firefly or burnt orange.

But there is a very vocal group of people in this country (and others) who seem to think they have the right to discriminate. Try that phrase on again – the right to discriminate.

That’s what people don’t seem to understand. When any one group of people tells another they can’t have the same thing as them, based on nothing more than their say so, that is discrimination. To me, it’s a bit like some nasty parent telling their kids they can’t have a square of chocolate and then eating a whole block of Cadbury in front of them. They’re being assholes.

I don’t see why people can’t understand this.

Women can’t vote? Discrimination. Black people can’t sit with whities? Discrimination. Same sex couples can’t marry?


Those first two examples are pretty dang obvious to the vast majority of people in this society. Why do some people have so much trouble with the third one?

Now I see the argument tossed around in forums where people say they have every right to feel the way they do about gay marriage. This I agree with. They do. They can feel as icky and uncomfortable as they like. I can’t make them think about two guys snogging and like it. No one can.

But I don’t have to, because what they don’t have the right to do is mess with someone else’s life because of those feelings.

Or rather, they shouldn’t be allowed to do that. And I really think that should be obvious.

So why am I being so vocal about this? Because it is important. It doesn’t even matter to me if, when this finally gets sorted, not one gay couple decides to get married. Only that they have the same choice as everyone else in this country.

What do I have to gain from giving them my support? Nothing personally.


I want my kids to grow up in a world where they don’t have to ‘come out of the closet’ and worry about that nonsense. I want them to focus on simply being themselves. Puberty is hard enough without feeling like your love of Barbra Streisand and Kylie Minogue means you somehow don’t count. I can tell you now, I don’t care if my kids are straight, gay, bi or prefer battery operated toys.

I mean, realistically, if one of them really fancied a blow up doll named Jessica then announced they were going to start a family and started blowing up balloons I’d be a bit concerned.

But for the rest, I don’t see it as my business. It’s up to them, not me.

The reason I’m merrily ranting here is I just want my kids and your kids, regardless of their sexual bent, to be treated as equals by their country, with its laws and regulations, in every aspect of their lives. That’s all.

The same rights as me. The same rights as you. Nothing more, just the same.

Here endith the rant.

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  • Well said – comical as ever but you made your point so succinctly. I totally agree – I have no feeling on the matter because quite simply it’s none of my business what somebody else chooses to do. I have many friends who are gay – and I like them a lot more than some of my hetero friends. If they want to get married, I’m down with that. After all, it’s an opportunity to dress up and drink champagne. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Couldn’t agree more, however unfortunately a lot of our laws are still based on a very old book that has very little relevance to society today. Laws and views on gay rights, women’s rights, medicine (stem cell therapy) are still based on religion. Until we have a secular government and some enlightened politicians that won’t change.

  • I don’t get it either , people can marry inanimate objects, goats even a dog but another human nope no way not on. Why? I mean it’s working so well for hetros too isn’t it what’s the divorce rate up to now?

  • Well said Bruce, I couldn’t agree more. Why do people feel like they have the right to interfere in other people’s lives? Surely they should get their own sorted first.

  • I have seen a doco on a guy who lived with his blowup doll and you’re right, you’d be a bit concerned. Hahaha! Marry whoever you want people, I say.

  • I’ve been reading your blog for a while and they are always hilarious, even when the subject is so serious. I could not agree with you more on this subject. My 6 yr old son’s 2 favorite shows are Pokemon and My Little Pony. Now, while both make me want to pull my hair out, those are his favorites, so it was really upsetting when shopping with him that the “nice saleslady” told him that the my little pony toy he really wanted was a girl’s toy and wouldn’t he rather have a boy’s toy? Now, my son is 6 and may end up being straight or bi or gay, but why should anyone tell him what he’s allowed to love, be it Rainbow Dash or kissing boys vs girls?

  • You say there’s no answer to the question why shouldn’t gay people marry…..yet there is an answer, at least for me there is. The creator God designed union to be between a man and woman and only through this union can new life come. It’s God’s perfect design.

    • I’m sorry, but your religious beliefs have no place in this discussion. Nice to see the predominantly Catholic Ireland saw the logic in that. You can take your lead for your life from whatever holy book you like – that is your right. But you must not force others to live their lives by your beliefs.

        • As you haven’t answered I’m assuming you either don’t have an answer to that which lets you hold onto your discriminatory answer or I’ve given you a lot to think about. Which is good. Because thinking for yourself is good.

      • And why do my beiefs have no place in this discussion? This is an open forum. Surely I can share my thoughts.

        • Because your beliefs have no right whatsoever to negatively affect the rights of others. It’s discrimination. As for answering a question, try this one. Do you think it would be right for other religions to take away your rights because it conflicts with their religious teachings?

        • Yes it is, insofar as this is my blog site and I posted the question. But don’t, not for a moment, think you can post a comment and not come under scrutiny for it 🙂

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