Bringing home the bacon

Pleased to announce we have pork! You know, I struggle to think of a single context in which you can use the word ‘pork’ which doesn’t excite me 😉

In between soccer games with the kids and going to the horse races with my work colleagues I picked up four boxes of pork from our favourite specialist butcher.

Buying in bulk is a fantastic way to make a saving. If you can’t afford a whole beast, or don’t have the freezer space, consider going halves or quarters with friends.

We split a whole pig with our good friends, the Pitts. For just under $500 we picked up $800 worth of butchered pig (retail), including ham and bacon, which we divided equally between us. Some of the cuts, like the bacon and ham, would have cost us $17/kg in the butcher (even more in a supermarket), but instead we only paid $6.99/kg. In fact, barring dog bones, none of the cuts could be bought for as cheap as we got them.

Each family ended up with $80 hams, two sizable roast porks, bacon, chops, ribs and over 6kg of mince. Plus dog bones to boot. In all over 30kg of pig each.
Having all that pork mince was too good an opportunity to pass up so we made some Eye-talian sausages – 6kg in all – while our respective families caught up. We love having the Pitts’ four beautiful kids over.
For the recipe for these awesome sausages pop over here:  Me & my sausage – a love story

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