Ice Bucket Challenge

ice bucket challenge

I can’t believe the MND (that’s Australian for ALS – must be the accent) Ice Bucket Challenge finally caught up with me.

What I’m rather pleased about is putting it off until the second day of spring. That, combined with doing the challenge before the sun went down, meant for a rather refreshing cold shower, the sort I haven’t needed since boarding school.

Bollucks! It was cold. But not because of the iced up water I tossed on my head. My feet were ACHING! I’d taken my work shoes off so I was standing on ice for the whole shoot.

Original ‘plan’ was to stand under the balcony and have all the kids dump water on me, but they hated the idea because they wanted to have water dumped on them too. So we came up with this.

As for my nominator, Jacqueline Kendall, if I had a Christmas List your name would have a solid black line through it. Plus, be warned: if I ever get the chance to nominate someone for something dreadful, like licking a dog’s nose or giving random strangers prostate examinations, you’re up 😉

So, without further ado, here’s my/our Ice Bucket Challenge.

Bruce Devereaux nominated:

Shane Devereaux

Kerri Devereaux

Grace Devereaux

Grace Devereaux nominated:



Joshua Devereaux

Joshua Devereaux nominated:



Molly Devereaux

Molly Devereaux nominated:

Geoffrey Devereaux

Mishaela Devereaux

Sophie Devereaux

Sophie Devereaux nominated:



Tracey Devereaux

Tracey Devereaux nominated:

Jason Van Dorssen

Belinda Van Dorssen

Lily Devereaux

Our family will be donating to MND. Enjoy getting  cold and wet everyone!

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