Bake Cake Day

A big cake making weekend. Mudcake, apple tea cake and butterfly cake (butterfly shaped cake, not actually made of butterflies) were all on the menu.

Miss7 was first cab of the rank with the butterfly cake, which she found in cookbook she borrowed form the library, Woman’s Day easy Kids’ Party Food.

This cake was an absolute success right up until we added the icing – but it was fun!

Next Miss4 & Miss16 made a mudcake which I’m sad to say I had to quietly ferret away and is now ballast in the wheely bin. It didn’t work well. Even an unhealthy helping of cream and jam couldn’t save it.

Finally, Master6 and I made an apple tea cake which I’ve attempted to hide away behind the rice bubbles because it is a triumph.

The kids loved all the beating and stirring and licking of spoons.

After all the exhausting cake making Miss16 and I took the kids to the park where we met up with Grandma for a coffee.

It was a much needed outing, as this is the second weekend Tracey’s been working and I think we all needed to stretch our wings.

What do you think?

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