Back to basics

Inside of a classroom with back to school on the chalkboard

Miss17 took Miss5 to prep for us one day this week.

Arriving early, they quickly put Miss5’s lunchbox in the fridge and sorted out the water bottle, fruit snack and bag.

“What do we do now?” Miss17 asked her little sister.

“You sit here,” Miss5 told her, pulling out a mini chair at a short legged table covered in colourful pens and exercise books. Miss5 quickly sorted out her book, opened it up and handed her big sister a pen. “Now you have to write my name.”

Miss17 dutifully wrote Miss5’s name in yellow.

“What do we do now?”

“You write my name in blue now,” Miss5 instructed. A minute later Miss5 was plucking the blue out of her sister’s hand and replacing it with an orange pen.

Which was when Miss17 noticed lots of other prep kids and their parents had arrived. And NONE of the adults were writing their kid’s name in a book. In fact, she was the only grown up sitting at the short legged table.

Which was when Miss17 realized Miss5 had tricked her big sister into doing her book work.

Which was when Miss17 realized, despite having finished school last year, she seemed to have re-enrolled herself in prep.


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