“Are you proud of me, Nanny?”


Big, innocent, doelike eyes glanced up at Tracey’s Mum.

“Are you proud of me, Nanny?” Miss3 asked.

They were sitting on a bench with other adults and children who were waiting for their turn in the pool for swimming lessons.

Have you ever had something happen you just wanted to etch into your memory forever?

More than that, though, Nanny assures me it was one of those sweet, lovely moments you hope like hell everyone around you has overheard. Because, in your face! I’ve got the cutest kid!

“Of course I’m proud of you,” Nanny told her granddaughter. At this point she even made a little smug eye contact with some of the other adults gathered there, sharing a knowing smile and an ‘isn’t this the sweetest thing’ sort of smirk. Then she turned her attention back to Miss3 to see if she could string the cuteness on a bit longer. You know, just to rub everyone’s nose in it. “Why do you ask?”

“Cause I farted.”

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