Phone Scammers Beware


“Hello?” Miss3 asked the caller once she’d beaten her mother to the phone.

“Who is it?” Tracey asked, hoping it wasn’t a client.

“What your name?” Miss3 asked the caller.

Tracey leaned in to try listen and recognized a very familiar voice. No, that’s not right. A familiar accent.

“Hello,” a foreign voice was saying. “Can I speak to the owner of the house please?”

“This my house,” said Miss3. “I watching Dorwa. You like Dorwa? Or you like Peppa Pig? I like Peppa Pig.”

Tracey recognized the voice because this was the forth call we’d had today from someone claiming to be concerned about our computer.

Do you have calls from people repeatedly trying to rip you off? It infuriates me. Not because I think they’ll get money out of me, but because they might get it out of someone else who can’t afford it. I don’t understand how it can continue in this age of technical wonders. Surely they can be shut down.

Usually I’m happy to string them along for ten minutes or so – I figure while they’re hassling me they’re leaving some poor unfortunately gullible alone – but at lunchtime today I was very uncreative because I didn’t have time, so I cussed down the line and hung up.

Still, I thought that would be the end of it for a week or two.

But no.

“I had two calls this afternoon from those scam artists,” Tracey told me when I arrived home after work. “I threw a Gympsy curse at one and told the other he was a burden on his mother.”

The forth caller got Miss3.

“You want listen to Dorwa?” she asked. Then she held the phone out towards the telly. “Here you go.”

I’m guessing this was the same caller as earlier and the Gypsy curse actually worked.

Tracey left them ‘chatting’ and went back to work.

I tell you what, I’ve got to hand it to the tenacity of these crooks, because several minutes later Tracey was joined by Miss3, who was still nattering away.

“My Mummy here,” Miss3 was saying, while pointing at Tracey. “She working. You want talk to her? Okay. Mummy, this man want talk you.”

“Who is it?” asked Tracey.

“I don know,” admitted our daughter. Then she held the phone up to her ear and headed out of the room again, asking, “What your name? You want see my Barbie now?”

Hopefully that’s us done for another couple of weeks. But if not, I’m sure Miss3 would happily take another call. For a start she has a Sylvanian family of mice she’d be super keen to chat about.

In fact, maybe she should screen all our calls from now on.

I’m sure she’d be much more interested in the next person who rings trying to sell us solar panels than I am.

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  • Oh please can I borrow her for next time I get one of these calls and they ask for the owner, I could just hand the phone over. It would stop me swearing, and keep me entertained all at the same time.

  • I was so sick of them at one stage that I had head-bangin music set on pause and when they said who they were I’d ask them to hold for just a minute and then put the music on full blast. Most of the time they hang up!
    If my eldest answers the phone and its one of these calls, she rolls her eyes, sighs, and then passes it to me saying, “It’s someone trying to sell something AGAIN mum…”

  • my sister told me an excellent one the other day. As soon as you hear that delay you usually get with overseas call centre’s , you whisper” the deed is done but boy It was bloody” and hang up. perfect for giving the creeps and they might not ring back for awhile.

  • Got a message today to say I had been named in tax fraud and evasion and if I rang back (the number was not connected) they would sort it for me before the local police came knocking on my door! Very threatening if you are easily intimidated such as elderly people can be!!

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