A Tall Tale


I’m in trouble again.

“Dad,” said Miss7.

I was on my laptop.

“Daa-aaa-ad,” said Miss7.

Her face was less than a meter from my face. And by less I mean within licking distance.

You know when you don’t really hear someone but then when they get your attention you know they’ve been saying something for a bit?


This was that.

“WHAT?” I snapped back, because she scared the crap out of me.

“Can we draw on the whiteboard?” she asked me. “Please.”

And this was the moment I noticed the other four kids behind her, all looking my way expectantly.

“Sure,” I said, because if I said no I might have to get off my laptop and find something else for them to do.

“Thanks, Dad!” they all chorused, and I felt like a really cool father.

This should have rung a few alarm bells.

They dove into Tracey’s drawer and then started fighting for elbow room in front of the whiteboard. 

“Just make sure you only use the white board markers,” I told them.

I was pleased with myself for thinking of that because the last thing I wanted was to have to explain to Tracey why I let the kids make a mess in her office.

Which is why I was so disappointed when, an hour later, I finally looked up from my laptop.


Not yet.


Nope, not yet either.


“WHAT?” I snapped back at Tracey.

She pointed at her whiteboard. Or, more specifically, to the wall underneath it.

Which is when I discovered I probably also should have checked they could all reach the white board…

Another year until Miss2 can use the whiteboard. Obviously. Well now it’s obvious.


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  • Chux magic sponge! Best invention EVER! Takes off a thin layer of paint, you will never loke it’s there. Great for those black scuff marks and cleaning the shower and bath too!
    My 2 year old got hold of a black marker today! Lucky it was just on her brothers chair and not the cream carpet!

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