A Room Of Her Own


Sometime just after Christmas Tracey and I made the mistake of letting Miss12 overhear a conversation where we were tossing around the idea of rearranging things so she could have some space of her own, rather than sharing with Miss8 and Master10.

Since then there has been a steady stream of requests for updates on the bedroom situation.

“When am I getting my own room?”

“When you get your own room.”

“But when will that be?”

“As soon as it happens.”


We totally get why she wants her own space. After all, she’s in high school now so all grown up and stuff.

I had my own room at home for pretty much my entire life, only my recollection is of rarely being alone. My young brother would often come and sleep in my room. Which was fine by me.

But there does come a time when you need a little more space.

Which is why, today, Tracey and I spent six (bloody) hours moving furniture. Well, I did. Tracey took more of an administrative role. To be honest, I get the shits with her if she tries to lift a washing basket.

But what it meant was our big girl got the surprise of her life when she arrived home today.

“Eeeeeeee!” was her first comment. Followed by, “Heheheheheheheeeeee!”

There was simply no hiding her excitement. Then she gave us both just about the biggest huggle ever, second only to when we gave her a laptop.

The other kids were thrilled for her as well.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Master10, no doubt already mentally eyeing off the now vacant top bunk in their room.

“This is great!” said Miss8, sitting bouncily on Miss12’s bed like it wasn’t the exact same mattress, make and colour as every other single bed in the house.

Miss6 and Miss4 were excitedly running around the room as well, probably admiring the fact my computer table, filing and the folding had been removed and you could now see the carpet.

Then suddenly, amongst all this joy, Miss12 stood up and made an announcement which brought everyone to a halt.

“Stop. Everyone. Listen,” she said, and we all turned to face her. She took a deep breath and then put her palms up in front of herself and yelled, “Get out of my room!” I was just about to admonish her when she grinned excitedly and went on. “I’ve always wanted to say that.”

I’m sure she’s going to get a lot of opportunities.

I left this on the wall. She's worth it.
I left this on the wall. She’s deserves it.

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