Do Cats Kill Grass?


“Does cat pee kill grass?” my father asked my mother this week.

“I don’t know,” she said. “It might.”

The reason my father was asking is they’ve been looking after Master22’s girlfriend’s mother’s cat for a couple of weeks. It’s been a totally new experience for self-confessed not-cat-people.

My mother, especially, is surprising herself.

“I found myself at the shop the other day, looking at my watch and thinking, ‘I better hurry home. LaLa is alone.'” She looked at me like she was genuinely worried about her mental state. “I mean, it’s a cat!”

In fact, every time I go over to my parent’s home there seems to be an amusing cat story of some description.

Like the mystery of the dead patches of grass, which my dad was about to get to the bottom of.

“Have you seen it peeing on the grass out there?” he asked Mum.

“No,” she said. “But I keep having to scoop up poos.”

“From around those dead patches? Maybe the poo is killing the grass. I wonder if that’s even possible.”

“I don’t think so,” said my mum. “I’m usually onto it pretty fast. And I clean the grass after I pick up the poop.”

Dad has been with Mum for fifty years now and had never heard her talk about cleaning the grass before.

“You mean you hose it down?”

“Better than that,” said Mum. “First I throw some bi-carb on the spot, then some vinegar and then when it froths up I wash it away with boiling water.”

So, what do you know? It turns out the cat pooing on their grass is causing the dead patches after all.

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